Violet Awakeners

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Violet Awakeners

Two years ago you moved to the outpost of Marshwater. Located on a remote southern coastline the nearest outpost of Fairweather is two days hike north through thick forest and marsh. The only visitors you have are occasional trading vessels which bring in supplies from the far away city of Southport.

The outpost is a small wooden village, surrounded by a log wall. The top of which the few fighting men that live here patrol. To build it a large chunk of the forest was levelled and the village took its place. Unfortunately this did not escape the view of the natives. Within the past two years there have been a number of attacks from Orcs that reside in the forest that is now known as the Dark Wood all of them were successfully repelled but not without casualties.

Your reasons for moving to this hell forsaken place are your own, but the fact is this is the farthest place you could get from Civilisation.

Now the forest stands looming over the cleared village, an omni-present figure of impending doom. All of the people in the village continue their life, struggling to survive in this remote place, but everyone must do their part. Summer has been particularly harsh on the community and the last attack left you with little supplies left. The supply boat is overdue and times are beginning to become desperate.

This morning you set out into the forest with a number of companions in a hunting party. If you don't bring back food the village will have nothing to eat by next week. It's up to you.


Damon McManus


Player Characters


Non-Player Characters





  • The Crimson Kraken

The Story

Season 1: