Pantheon of the Nine Realms

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The Pantheon of the Nine Realms

Aurinor, God of the Sun: Aurinor is the god of the sun, light, and all things that bring warmth and life to the world. He is depicted as a radiant figure with golden hair, wielding a flaming sword.

Eliandra, Goddess of the Moon: Eliandra is the goddess of the moon, night, and all things that bring mystery and magic to the world. She is depicted as a silver-haired woman with a crescent moon on her forehead, wielding a staff that glows with moonlight.

Varian, God of War: Varian is the god of war, strength, and courage. He is depicted as a muscular warrior with a sword and shield, always ready for battle.

Nimue, Goddess of Magic: Nimue is the goddess of magic, knowledge, and wisdom. She is depicted as a wise and mysterious woman with a book of spells in her hand, surrounded by mystical energy.

Erevan, God of Trickery: Erevan is the god of trickery, mischief, and change. He is depicted as a mischievous rogue with a sly smile and a bag of tricks, always looking for a way to outsmart his enemies.

Sylvanas, Goddess of Nature: Sylvanas is the goddess of nature, animals, and the balance of life. She is depicted as a serene and beautiful elf with vines and flowers woven into her hair, holding a staff that blossoms with life.

Alistair, God of Death: Alistair is the god of death, the afterlife, and the balance of the universe. He is depicted as a grim and stern figure with a scythe, guiding souls to their final resting place.

Rhiannon, Goddess of Love: Rhiannon is the goddess of love, beauty, and passion. She is depicted as a lovely and enchanting figure with a rose in her hair, holding a heart-shaped mirror that reflects the beauty of the world.

Kael, God of the Sea and Purification: Kael is the god of the sea, storms, purification, and all things related to water. He is depicted as a powerful and mercurial figure with a trident, commanding the waves and currents of the ocean. Kael is also associated with purification and the cleansing power of water, and his followers believe that he can wash away impurities and sins.

Kael's temples are often built near bodies of water, and his priests are known for their rituals of purification, which involve immersing the body in water or pouring water over it. Kael's followers believe that his purifying power can heal physical and spiritual wounds, and that he can wash away the stains of guilt and shame.

Despite his association with purification, Kael is a fearsome and unpredictable god, and his storms can be deadly to those who anger him. Sailors and fishermen often pray to him for safe passage and bountiful catches, and many coastal communities offer sacrifices to appease his wrath