Part 3: The Violet Awakeners

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One elven night of time.

Mei Mei, Osthar, Bane and Filop are tired. The party has been hiking through the forest for an entire day and as the trees finally begin to part they are struck by a cool breeze flowing in from the ocean to the west. The golden sun is setting on the horizon over the water causing the clouds to be coloured pink and orange in the sky. To the east the great snow covered mountains reach up into the sky, the peaks glowing pink in the light of the setting sun. Finally, turning to the north, they see the tiny man made lights of the small town of Fairweather being lit. Their destination.

They find themselves still a couple of kilometres from Fairweather but from this small hill they are standing on, they can see the path they must take. Ahead is a swath of grassland with small shrubbery scattered along the ground and in the distance a narrow ravine cuts its way across the land between the township and their current position.

The occasional sound of wildlife has followed them throughout the day. The forest was generally very lively, especially since the Elves were awoken. Somehow the broodiness that seemed to overwhelm them in the swamp had been replaced by an uplifting feeling in the forest. Even though the day was just as hot as the others had been the memory of that fair folk and their delicious provisions had instilled some lightness into their hearts.

Now the only thing stopping the party from a delicious meal at a tavern is the thought of how on earth they are going to get across that ravine.

Mei Mei is tired. Osthar offered to rub her feet ... And maybe smell them.

Walk 955m east until find old bridge. Single rope across. The rest if the bridge is dilapidated.

Osthar is riggrd up with a rope to have a nappy. He tries to impress Mei Mei but fails to jump over and fails twice.

Filop climbs over the rope with the end of a second and attaches it to the pillar

Bane straps on a pig

Ian objects. Bane says no crew member gets left behind!

Osthar makes it across and whinges about his feelings to Filop who hides while he continues to rant about his entire sexual history

Ian makes it across after a pep talk from Mei Mei

Mei Mei goes next with a single rope texhnique after discussions with Bane. She slips on the way across and dangles over in one rope.

Bane straps a pig to himself. He muscles across in absolute style.

The party has managed to get themselves past their first hurdle and you can see your destination in the distance. The smoke of the fires swirl up into the sky and the thought of a hot meal stirs your stomachs into grumbling.

It is only now you notice that a breeze from the east seems to be picking up. And then it starts to turn into a wind and then a gale. Looking up you see the clouds have begun to gather. In fact, the clouds seem to be gathering disturbingly fast. And they are black. Did you just notice some purple light from one if them?

That is when the rain starts to fall. Hard. Initially it is just large drops but then you are all struck by something that stings. Hail. Pea sized hail. And there is no cover in sight apart from some trees outside the walls of the town.

Most of the party run but Bane refuses and just gets angry. Keeps getting pelted with ice but doesn't care.

You manage to huddle beneath the watch tower that gives you cover from the falling ice. When you have been undercover for about 10 seconds the hail and rain suddenly stop. It's as if someone turned off a tap.

The watchtower sits outside the town. From here you can see it looks like youj remember it. A small group of wooden buildings surrounded by a stone wall. One of which appears fortified and is a few floors higher than the others. A couple of make shift watch towers are thrown together around the perimeter.

"Are you ok? Where did you come from?" asks the Guard from above you.

The guard plays it cool until he gets them to the gates and then he tells the captain who orders their arrest

"You are under arrest for the murder of the community of Marshwater!"

They are taken back to the watch house and put in a cell. Their weapons confiscated.

The Town Mayor comes to see them. He explains to them that a ship went to Marshwater and saw what was left of it. It was horrible. If you survived then how can we be sure you weren't the cause?

Filop says they have been running for days for their lives. We saw them all die.

Bane says it doesn't make any sense. If we were.coming here why wouldn't we do the same thing as happened at the other village. We didn't. And we were nearly killed by that Storm.

But you didn't run from the storm says the mayor. We were told you just walked through it casually.

Mei mei says we've come here to warn you of a great danger and crossed a ravine to get here. We put our lives at risk. Why would we do that?

Osther asks for a bath for his pig and that Ian is taken away. Ian interjects and says they are his friends and just trying to get him released but he'll stay here with them.

The mayor seems convinced but he wants them to stay in the prison until he has a chance to talk with the rest if town.

They stay there the night and are fed.

Filop picks the lock just to prove that he can and that he's not trapped.

Then they start hearing the sounds of fighting coming from outside. Then screaming.

Something yells in a gutteral voice "Where are the Violet Awakeners!?!"

- Be busted out when the creature comes to kill them.

A guard rushes in and fumbles with his keys. "You need to help us! Something is out there and it's killing everyone. None of our weapons can hurt it. As quickly as it is stabbed it's wounds heal!"

He opens the cupboard containing their weapons and runs back outside...

- Party can fight the werewolf. If they do when they approach it the shards in their skin begin to glow violet. It eminates down into their weapons.


Hp: 58 - 16 from Filop 42 - 13 from Bane 29 - 10 from Osthar 19 - 19 from Filop and killed with a rapier through the heart.

The creature falls on Osthar. He is pinned to the ground with junk pressed to his face as the townsfolk come out to see the Violet Awakeners.