Part 1: Marshwater

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Two years ago you moved to the outpost of Marshwater. Located on a remote southern coastline the nearest outpost of Fairweather is two days hike north through thick forest and marsh. The only visitors you have are occasional trading vessels which bring in supplies from the far away city of Southport.

The outpost is a small wooden village, surrounded by a log wall. The top of which the few fighting men that live here patrol. To build it a large chunk of the forest was levelled and the village took its place. Unfortunately this did not escape the view of the natives. Within the past two years there have been a number of attacks from Orcs that reside in the forest that is now known as the Dark Wood all of them were successfully repelled but not without casualties.

Your reasons for moving to this hell forsaken place are your own, but the fact is this is the farthest place you could get from Civilisation. (Think of your reasons!)

Now the forest stands looming over the cleared village, an omni-present figure of impending doom. All of the people in the village continue their life, struggling to survive in this remote place, but everyone must do their part. Summer has been particularly harsh on the community and the last attack left you with little supplies left. The supply boat is overdue and times are beginning to become desperate.

This morning you set out into the forest with a number of companions in a hunting party. If you don't bring back food the village will have nothing to eat by next week. It's up to you.

The forest canopy closes overhead and your eyes begin to adjust to the dimness. Its early in the morning and the sunlight is just starting to poke through the trees. Ahead of you there is a trail leading off into the forest. Probably the same one previous hunting parties have taken... or the raiding parties.

The smell of the fresh forest air fills your nostrils and you can feel the humidity beginning to rise. Its going to be hot today. You're glad you aren't heading out to the beach to gather whatever has washed up like you had to last week. Hopefully you will be able to gather the supplies that are needed.

The party has enough water for 4 hours and food for half a day.


The sounds of the emergency horns of Marshwater fill the air. You hear them blasting in the distance back to the west. Is sounds like trouble. Big trouble.

By the time they get back they can see the town burning.

What can only be described as a swarm of diminutive creatures seem to be piling up upon each other to climb over the walls of Marshwater. Buildings are on fire and the gates have been opened. A strange purple fog seems to be writing over the mass of creatures. It is streaming from their eyes and mouths like some kind of insidious beast. There are hundreds of them.

Stealth checks. Need entire party to succeed.

Athletics checks, need the average of the party to succeed. Need to do one an hour. If they fail Goblins catch up to them. They can fight for 10 rounds. If they take longer they are overwhelmed. If they succeed three in a row they can rest.

Travel through the forest is hard and slow but it unfortunately butts all the way up to the sea on a cliff face. They need to remain with in it. Eventually they will see purple mist floating from somewhere ahead. If the party head towards it they see a trail in the ground cover that seems to

The flat of the axe strikes the lizard man in the side of the face with a sickening crunch, cracking it open like a watermelon. Blood flies in all directions as the creature falls slowly to the ground. As its staff's crystal orb struck the ground it exploded into shards that ripped through the air embedding themselves in the flesh of the party. The dark water in the pool turns clear and the purple fog that was controlling the rest of the party dissipates.

They slump down exhausted.

"Was that my God?" Osthar asks

The threat was gone along with their old lives. It was a lot to take in. The creature had been defending it's forest and now they had killed it. If they hadn't though, what would have happened to them?

They collect water and food from its lair and their acquaintance, Ian the fishmonger, who slowly awakes from his stupor. Finally they start the long trek north.

It would be two long days of wilderness hiking before they finally saw the walls of Fairweather backed by the setting sun...