Part 4: Tiny Assassins

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Flames flickered wildly from the burning houses, casting an eerie orange glow over the town square. The air is thick with the acrid smell of smoke, and the crackling of the flames can be heard from afar. The tongues of fire dance and leap into the night sky, illuminating the destruction that the creature has wrought upon the town. Embers and ash swirled in the air, carried by the wind, and added to the chaos and devastation of the scene.

Mei Mei, Osthar, Bane, and Filop stand bloodied in the town square, over the body of the creature and surrounded by the frightened and suspicious townspeople. The shards on their bodies continue to glow a bright purple, and the people whispered amongst themselves, unsure of what to make of the situation.

When the watch house guard arrives Osthar tries to negotiate payment for 400gp for killing the beast. He's informed that he'll have to ask the mayor.

An old man dressed in the blue and silver priestly robes of Eliandra, Goddess of the Moon, steps forward, his expression grave as he looked at the group. "You are the Violet Awakeners," he says, his voice carrying over the murmurs of the crowd. "The shards you possess are foretold. I have read of their existence in ancient tomes and legends, but I never thought I would see them in person. Get your things and come with me."

As the party begins to make their way back to the jail get their equipment, the townspeople follow them, their suspicion and mistrust palpable. Mei Mei, Osthar, Bane, and Filop know they would have to be careful, as the priest's knowledge of the shards could turn the people against them...

Osthar finds undrunk ale and races over to skull it from the tankards. He then pockets the tankards. Bane casually takes the entire jug and downs it.

Once they have gathered their things the priest leads them to a wooden building that has been converted into a make-shift church. The building is similar to the others in the town and probably built by the soldiers when they first set up the outpost.

The priest pushes the wooden door open and ushers them inside. The building is mostly an open plan room filled with make-shift pews. The walls are made of exposed wood with windows situated around them in regular positions. Along the sides of the room are pictures of the moon, images of Eliandra and blue flowers scattered about in vases. At the end of the room is a large block of stone that is acting as an alter.

The priest walks to the end of the room and opens a door and disappears inside.

Mei Mei looks at the flowers and then uses her staff to create more flowers. A lot more flowers.

The party looks around.

Filop finds collection box near the door with 5gp in it. Bane finds a book sitting on a pew in a language he does not understand

The preist returns holding a box in his hands. He places it on the alter and opens it. He seems oblivious to the hundreds of flowers now scattered throughout the room. There is parchment inside that he begins to read.

"The shards of violet light reveal a looming dread, An ancient king, his power set to spread.

He wields the sword, his heart black as coal, His reign of tyranny taking its toll.

But the Violet Awakeners shall rise to fight, Their bond unbreakable, their hearts shining bright.

Their quest fraught with danger, their journey long, As they face the king's power, dark and strong.

Two outcomes lie before them, a destiny unsure, For the fate of the world rests in the balance pure.

If they triumph, the world shall be forever free, From the king's tyranny, and his dark legacy.

But if they fail, the world shall be consumed, By the king's evil, and all shall be doomed."

The priest explains:

"Ah, the prophecy... It was an ancient text that I found on a piece of parchment made from human skin. It was a strange and mysterious text that had been recovered from a long-forgotten tomb. As I delved deeper into the text, I began to uncover the story of the Violet Awakeners and the ancient evil they were destined to face.

You see, I have been a part of a secretive group of scholars who have been studying ancient texts and prophecies for years. And over time, I became convinced that the prophecy was not just a story, but a warning of a great danger that was yet to come.

As I continued to study the text, I discovered that the parchment on which the prophecy was written was made from human skin, a common practice in ancient times. At first, I was horrified by this revelation, but I knew that the prophecy was too important to be ignored.

So, I carefully preserved the parchment and kept it hidden away, knowing that one day it would be needed to guide the Violet Awakeners on their quest to vanquish the ancient evil. And now, that day has come."

At that they hear the sound of smashing windows and glass scatters all over the floor. At each window small bodies suddenly leap into the room dressed in black.

"Grimbleshanks!!!" they cry. "Did you think you could hide from the clan forever?!?"

The three foot tall black hooded creatures draw their daggers as one begins to cast...

The fight is hard and Filop is put to sleep by the Illusionist... twice... and nearly obsconded with. Osthar sleeps but once. But Osthar's boar came to the rescue and saved him from an attacker and woke him when he was put to sleep. And when it did it told him it's name was Gorefang!

Bane swings his sword through the creatures knocking them down like flies whilst the priest, Brother Dominic, uses moonbeam to burn the gnomes.

When the Gnome Illusionist is about to run out of spells she casts invisibility and disappears. Then Mei Mei casts command on the final assassin and tells him to "kneel". He does.

Bane picks up the Gnome and restrains him while Mei Mei ties him up. Then Filop says he will take care of him. Mei Mei and Filop take him into the alley behind the church and Filop questions the Gnome. Asking him if he will give them any information. And while he is trying to convince him the Illusionist reappears and slits the throat of the tied up gnome.

The Illusionist then runs but Mei Mei casts command and tells them to stop. Filop walks up behind her and slits her throat cold bloodedly.

Mei Mei goes back into the church: "I just saw some shit..."

As Filop bends down to search the corpse a dagger flies over his head. He looks up and sees pirates bearing down on him. He quickly runs inside and tells the party to run. Pirates are raiding!

As you look out of the window, you see a group of pirates have come ashore, attracted by the flames burning through the city. The pirates are a ragtag group of men and women, armed with cutlasses and other weapons. They begin to rampage through the town, attacking anyone in their path.

As the party are about to exit, the front door is kicked down. Framed by the doorway is Mei Mei's husband: Jarak the Grey. He is a beautiful, shirtless Grey-skinned Tiefling. His skin gleams with sweat from the battle, his muscular chest heaving and standing amidst a room bursting with blue flowers.

She is shocked and overcome by the scene. They both are. Neither can believe it. Then Mei Mei goes to hug him and he stops her. He tries to explain that it has been years and things have changed. She doesn't take it well. He asks her to join him on her boat. She is so offended by his rejection that she refuses.

He says he has to go. He leaves. The party discuss whether to go to his boat and while they do the town guards capture The Grey and put him in the watch house. It seems he will be hung in the morning.

The priest suggests they stay at the Breezy Badger Inn if they want to stay and watch the show. They leave the church in search of it.

It's been quite a night... and it's only 2am.