Nuer Attack on Kuurok Day

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Titus arrives at Claviscero from the South Gate after accompanying and protecting two Mekanite monks from Lugusnon. His entrance into Claviscero coincides with the Kuurok march to the Town Square. Leading the procession of rural and townsfolk to the Square is a black bear minded by the druid Fell. The procession passes into the Town Square where they are showered in red dye as a ritual sacrifice of those masquerading as a bear. Marchers and onlookers alike gather in the make shift stands to watch the Faharrgae final. Notables and noblemen gather in one of the grandstands and Titus is seated among this group.

Arrius, playing for the carder and draper's guild, attempts a strike on goal but misses causing the game to draw. Both teams are paraded in front of Claviscero#Fauwren Anjuro, the Governor-Elect of Claviscero. Titus notices a cloaked figure approach the front of a grand stand on the other side of the playing field, throw a twig into the air and cast a terrifying electric bolt of destructive energy at Fauwren. The bolt misses Fauwren slamming into others on the grand stand. Arrius, standing below and in front of Fauwren, dives at him, knocking him between the seats and into the scaffolding supporting the stand below.

Meanwhile, Fell takes his black bear to the edges of the grand stand but notices a large figure dressed as a bear move toward a corner post supporting the stand and then pull out a concealed great axe and begin chopping down the post. The first few strikes do not sever the post and Fell casts an entangle, but the roots cause the stand to become even more unstable. The roots, under the command of Fell, are not strong enough to restrain the axeman, and he drops the post, collapsing one of the grand stands. The event descends into even more chaos as those gathered run in all directions.

Titus picks up a helmet on the seat next to him and hurls it at the warlock but narrowly misses. The warlock's concentration is broken and the bolt of energy dissipates. The warlock flees the stand and runs. Arrius spots a crossbowman in the first tier of the aqueduct. Worried for the nobleman, Arrius manages to get Fauwren to the edge of the Town Square and out of harms way but the crossbowman tries to shoot Titus, misses him and shoots a fleeing peasant. Drawing on the gifts of Mekae, Titus heals the wounded peasant.

The axeman turns toward Fell and charges him. The face and head of a bull is revealed and the minotaur lowers his head to impale the meddling druid. However, Fell jumps out of the man-beast's way. Arrius, armed with only his faharrgae stick, attacks the crossbowman, but at the same time lifts the assassin's dagger from his belt and then stabs him in the chest. Guards arrive, but the warlock flees with the maddening crowd. Fell is shackled as a potential nuer conspirator and also for dissent.

Titus ensures the safety of his Mekanite entourage. Fell notices burgundy stains all over the clothes of the crossbowman. Arrius retrieves his belongings from the Carder's guild and Somme advises that he will see Arrius at the emergency meeting of the Governing Council and indicates to Arrius that he is wary of Fauwren.