Titus Pullo

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Type: Player Character
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Paladin - Oath of Vengeance
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Player: Harry
Character Sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By0U0dnv9ic3Y2tjemhlMHhNejg/view?usp=sharing


A veteran of The Sulfic Wars, Titus originates from the town of Velentia in the west. He joined the military at 14 and quickly came to infamy during The Sulfic Wars, which garnered the attention of military superiors and awarded Titus a commendation for valour; something he struggles with. Events during The Sulfic Wars emtionally scarred Titas who now has utter contempt and hatred for all things magic, verging on the blind and irrational. Selected as the youngest recruit to join the elite unit of Recursers. Recently completed Recurser training. First military tour is heading towards Clavis Bern.

Military Life

Obsessed with progression in the military to prove his worth. Seeks officer status to lead a group to victory. Will stop at nothing to succeed including stepping on the backs of those in his way.

Awards and Accolades

  • The youngest Recurser recruit in the order's history
  • Awarded medal of valour during the Second Sulfic War as only surviving member of legion

The Sulfic Wars

Knowingly and willingly lead entire legion into an ambush during the Second Sulfic War, whilst being magically seduced by an opposing enchantress. Completely cognizant of the betrayal, as under Charm Person spell, and watched on in horror as legion were slaughtered. Vowed vengeance on those responsible and all those who practice the dark arts of high magic. Titus received a commendation of valour for surviving the attack, an irony not lost on him.


Takes the Oath of Vengeance