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Arcane scholarship is rare in the current age of Thule, but this was not always the case. The high civilizations of Atlantis and the realms of elvenkind considered arcane magic one of the noblest of the sciences, and made extensive study of occult lore. Much of what they once knew is lost forever, but enough remains to make talented students of arcana some of the most powerful and dangerous individuals in the world.

Because arcane lore has faded into the realm of myth and superstition for most Thuleans, it is poorly understood by the masses—and therefore feared. Because all magic is feared, no particular schools of magic or spells are regarded as particularly sinister. Wizards who animate the bones of the dead, conjure demons, or enslave their enemies with insidious en- chantments are just doing what wizards do; necromancers aren’t considered to be any less acceptable than diviners or invokers. Reckless or destructive wizards are generally avoided by any who are aware of their reputation, but the value of intimidation only goes so far; if a wizard becomes a major threat to a city, she is likely to attract the attention of assassins or inquisitorially minded priests from the major temples and be put down.