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Name: Wenhelda Boggharty

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Sub-Class: Monster Slayer

Origin: Bounty Hunter

Background: Outlander

Alignment: Neutral

Favoured Enemy: Hill Giant

Wenhelda Boggharty grew up at a self-sustaining farm built on the principles of permaculture, just off the outskirts of Vendersk. Her mother Kattira taught her hunting, tracking and survival. Her father Fenric taught her cooking, farming and animal handling.

Fenric taught Wenhelda that every animal, plant and creature has a place in the circle of life. When a sheep was slaughtered to feed a family, all parts of the beast were used, and up until then it was respected and cared for. Placid water from a stream can quench your thirst, but rapids can drown you. Flames from a hearth can warm you and cook your stew, but bushfires wipe out entire forests. Nature, and the animals that rely on it, all have a purpose. When this harmony is out of balance, order must be restored. Wenhelda hates anything in excess - The drunkard who over indulges on ale, the glutton who eats too much, the rich who spends lavishly and the wasteful who use too much water. All of earth's resources are precious and finite. twelve moons ago, Kattira Boggharty went missing. Her broach was later found out in the woods, damaged and dirty, but no other trace has since been located. Though her mother taught her the basics of hunting, tracking and survival, Wenhelda is self taught in bounty hunting. Kattira hunted to trade for medicine or ale, but times are changing and Wenhelda needs gold - real gold. Gone are the days of her innocent and lively youth, when Wenhelda would herd cattle with her father at dawn, eat berries in the sunshine, then go fishing for trout with her mother at dusk. Wenhelda is an only child, and Fenric’s age is catching up with him. The lands are getting hard to farm - The soil has hardened and the rivers are drying up.

In the last year, Wenhelda has been working as a bounty hunter to for money to supplement the farm's produce. Whilst tracking one particular bounty four moons ago, Wenhelda stumbled upon an abandoned camp. The site was disheveled and she could tell someone had fled in a hurry. In the woods a little deeper she came across a broken satchel, it’s contents strewn all across the ground. Wenhelda rarely took what didn’t belong to her, but was resourceful and crafty, so searched amongst the belongings to see what she could find. The pack seemed to contain an array of items that she had never seen before - strange liquids in small vials and pendants on chains. None of it was familiar to Wenhelda, and so was unuseful, but she did find a book. It was large, heavy and thick. Upon opening the book, Wenhelda discovered she could barely understand much of its contents. After weeks of studying this book, Wenhelda realised she had uncovered the campsite and belongings of a (probably now deceased) Monster Slayer. Now working the farm with her father, as well as bounty hunting, she spent every spare minute she had studying her tome, and after learning about Ogres, Vampires, Werewolves, Giants, Zombies and Ghouls, she soon realised that whatever killed her mother was likely not human. These creatures live outside the circle of life - Undead and unnatural, they disrupt the balance and harmony.

In the weeks that preceded Kattira's disappearance, sheep and cattle started to go missing, and then people too. Now, the same strange occurrences are taking place, and so Wenhelda is off to go adventuring to find and stop what is ruining her farm, and possibly what killed her mother.

Traits: I am loyal only to my father. Uninterested in human interaction. Prefer the company of animals. Feel at peace in nature.

Ideals: Everything exists together in a delicate balance. Respect is due to all creatures who abide by the rules of nature.

Bonds: It is my duty to avenge my mother’s death and restore harmony to the circle of life.

Flaws: I don’t like to bathe.