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Just ask anyone who spends an hour wandering the streets of Quodeth or Ikath—the cities of Thule are full of thieves. Beggars, pickpockets, cutpurses, muggers, burglars, and simple gangs of street robbers make it dangerous to set foot outside a well-guarded palace or city gate. Few of these vicious criminals could truly be described as heroes, but the boldest and most daring rogues become legendary for their exploits.

While individual rogues may win fame and renown, most Thulean city-dwellers see rogues as vicious gangsters. Large, ruthless, and well-orga- nized thieves’ guilds control whole districts in most of Thule’s cities. Not all rogues belong to a thieves’ guild, but many do, and there are significant advan- tages to being part of a big organization. A rogue who belongs to a guild always has a safe place to hide in her home city, a source of news and informa- tion when something interesting develops, and (in a pinch) allies or muscle who can back her up in case of trouble. Some of the more prominent thieves’ guilds include:

  • The city of Marg is home to the Crimson Slavers, a ruthless alliance of slavers, merchants, and marauders.
  • The Fangs of Set are an elite brotherhood of holy assassins based in the city of Ikath.
  • The Golden Sea Brotherhood is a league of corsairs operating from the hidden city of Rime.
  • The Red Furies are a guild of female thieves who control part of Quodeth’s old town.
  • The most powerful guild in Quodeth is the Seven Knives, a small army of thieves and assassins who control much of the town.