Prequel: The Accidental Murder

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Nysene Eomane was a slaver and hated by many. It was the family business. Merchants in the slave trade sought to scare her sister Dolandre as she was a reformer in the family (who still profited). Thia and Rage were hired and instructed to scare Nysene but the information they were given was actually concerning her sister. Unfortunately they were overly effective in the scare campaign after Dolandre was primed by the merchants to be living on the edge. She leaped out a window when she saw them thinking they were coming to kill her.

Lerissa overheard Thia and Rage planning but never did anything to stop it. She wrote about what she saw in her book though.

Badwalken and Garrbagg saw the entire incident but looked the other way when questioned because the entire family is bad news. Now the merchants are whipping up people in the streets to try and hide their tracks. Saying that the murder was a sign that people are victimising the slavers. The Thieves guild know the truth though.

Larissa then approached Thia and Rage asking them about their experiences and they became very nervous and worried about letting her out of their sight. They all moved onto the local tavern where they were recognised by Badwalken and Garrbagg. This started a conversation and they decided to stick together for a bit. A couple of days later Elturiel disappeared and, being an obvious adventuring group, they were conscripted.