Part 9: Temple of Bones

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camped the night in clearing

DM sends secret message to Col Col - very annoying

Arcandur secret thing - A divination of power emanating from the hill top

heading for the priests of set

everyone at full health - full spells

searching for a hidden ruin - old dude that weeps gold

elves are annoying (no party friends)

climbing the slope to reach a high peak 300-400m

jungle surroundings (thief, elf, wizard)

stone blocks approaching the top that are wrapped in vines

the blocks appear to be placed and around it are other stone blocks (ruins)

no markings

B. Temple

jungle = eerie silent

building that can be entered

party members cannot make out any history of the race/building/tombs things

Maheen goes up the stairs and doesn’t find any traps (bad rolls)

Arcandur leans against the obelisk - it feels rocky

Arcandur does detect magic (30ft) and does not find any magic

Alena’s perceptions gives her an awkward feeling in the surroundings

Maheen enters the building does not find traps - human remains (just bones) /jade pillars

solid piece of stone in centre, covered in a language that Maheen doesn’t recognise - but sees a seam on the back edge

Alena brazenly walks in and the bones begin to move on the ground - draws her swords

Skeletons draw weapons from the ground (so unoriginal) bows & arrows x 3 - swords x 3



Alena drags her sword through the first skeleton (9 points of damage) and misses the second strike

Skeleton 1: 3 points damage Alena/Skeleton 2: 5 points of damage/ Skeleton 3: blocking doorway/ Skeleton 4: misses/ Skeleton 5: misses/Skeleton 6: misses (stumbles - prone)

Maheen moves towards backstabbing the prone skeleton (12 points of damage) cuts his leg off and leaving him on the ground

Arcandur enters the building and shoots the crossbow across the room and misses and yells at Alena “Move”


Alena disengages and fires an arrow from a distance but misses

Skeleton 1: gnaws at Maheen’s legs and takes a chunk 3 points of damage/

Skeleton 2: pulls back and releases arrow, no armguard - rips arm off at elbow - arm and bow fall on ground/

Skeleton 3: fires at Alena hitting for 5 points of damage/

Skeleton 4: moves to attack Alena 4 points of damage by stabbing her/

Skeleton 5: moves to attack Maheen and stabs for 8 points of damage/

Skeleton 6: moves to attack Maheen

Maheen uses her rapier to connect with the skeleton doing 21 points of damage - slicing to the right and destroying the ribcage scattering it across the floor as it collapses on the ground

Arcandur sends a ghostly shape above the skeletons with a blue crystal the owl drops it on the ground and a large noise echoes through the temple, the pulsing energy cascades over the party (shatter) doing 16 points of damage - destroying two of the skeletons completely


Alena runs towards the second of the last skeleton and does 8 points of damage

Skeleton 1: misses/ Skeleton 2: misses

Maheen attacks with rapier and does 8 points of damage

Arcandur’s owl flies in and drops a gem on Alena’s boob


Alena hits the final skeleton with her sword and does 9 points of damage - the final skeleton falls to the ground


Maheen examines the skeletons and finds nothing of worth

Alena casts cure wounds (restored to 28 hit points)

Alena casts cure wounds for Maheen and restores 10 hit points

Maheen returns to the gap which looks as though it will open and uses her thievery process to open the tomb - she whips up her jimmy bar and squeezes it in - as she goes to put pressure downwards, a click noise and then opens to find jewels (6 black gems - onyx, 2 green pearls - unknown, an untarnished silver ring)

Maheen tries to take the ring but Alena sees her and says “After I just healed you thief!”

Maheen brings the jewels over looking sheepish to the group “The ring could be magic”

Maheen hears a fluttering above and then a jewel drops upon her breast

Maheen asks Arcandur “Can you tell if it’s magic?” - Arcandur looks away and picks up the ring and says “This ring is special - there are secrets in it” - Maheen “does that mean it’s worth more?” - Arcandur “Yes, I imagine it does”

They negotiate over who shall wear the ring, Alena wanders around

Maheen also investigates the area - and does not find anything

The Ring of Protection - Maheen

Arcandur tells the party that this is like the bracers - it will guide you - he drops the ring and walks off

Maheen looks at the jewels and uses her years of thievery to examine them (insight) the green pearls are unusual and she has never seen, nor heard of them before