Part 9: Jail Birds Adventure Notes

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Nigel, Lioniel and When go out into the town to make sure that the people are ok.

Tzara is going to ask the priest, Aaron Shea, some questions.

Aaron She is a man dressed in purple with an Irish Accent.

"Well Father. Can I call you father? Do you have a name?” Asks Tzara.
"Me name be Aaron. Aaron Shae the priest. You’ve got many questions I can see into ya mind.” he replies.
"How long have you been in this building?” asks Tzara.
“Today?” enquires Aaron.
“No. In the town.” says Tzara
"Not all me life. I’ve come from somewhere else. A different land. They farm potatos. From the land of Tee Tee.” he says with a whistful look in his eyes.
"So what do you know about the Majere?” Tsara asks expectantly.
"That’s a queston... Well I’m faithful to them, that’s for sure. God of Knowledge, learning and self betterment.” he replies.
"Why is there a church dedicated to them here of all places?” ask Tzara.
"I’m not sure.” says Aaron.
"What do the copper spiders on these tapestrys represent?” enquires Tzara.
“Ahh! Now that's the sign of Majere and each leg represents all the 8 pillars of learning and education.” The priest seems very happy with this line of questioning.
"Have you learnt anythin in your reading about a blue scarab?” ask Tzara.
"Not that I can think of off the top of my head…” says Aaron.
“There was a gold and blue one that the Mayor had.” says Tzara.
"I’m not sure.” he says hesitantly.
“She has it.” Tzara gestures to Averson. "I’ll pay you 2gp to show it.” she proffers the coins to the girl who produces the object and hands it to the priest.
"I’m not sure this is gold…” he closely inspects the scarab. "Its like a gem has been crushed into the alloy. Alchemy is afoot here. Not advanced engineering."
Tzara then chanes the subject. "Do you know Papa Nilhas?"
"Never heard of him.” says the priest.
"I only have on more question because you look very tired” states Tzara.
"Not as tired as you look!” replies the priest taking in the state of the small woman.
"Do you know anything about the desert of desolation?” she asks.
“Ahhh! I have read a scroll about that. The land of pharaohs.” he states.
"Can I have the scroll?” asks Tzara.
"You can’t have it but you can definitely read it when I clean up this place.” he says and goes to retrieve it.
"That would be amazing.” says Tzara as the priest wanders off.

Averson walks up to the town guard.
"So your departed mayor, was he always a magic user, or is this something new?” she asks her.
"The mayor was never into magic. This feels like something new.” says the guard.
"Do you know how he became Mayor? Where he got his wealth from?” Averson asks.
"Trade routes he used to run. Travellers used to bring large chests to his house. Every now and then a very ornate one would appear”, states the guard.
"Do you know if he kept those crates and chests at his house?” Asks Averson.
"I assume he would? Not sure. I’m lowest of the low. Just a militia man. Or woman in this case”.
"Are there full time town guards who may know?” ask Averson.
"Yeah there definitely are.” replies the guard.
"Who do they answer to now they the mayor is dead?” Averson asks casually.
"Gim Cisco is the head of the town guard”.
"Where is this Cisco?” asks Averson.
"He’d be out in the town helping. I have to go check on my farm. I’ll see you around. Thanks again for our help.” The Town militia woman moves to leave.
“Wait!” says Tzara. “For your troubles.” Tzara gives the woman 5gp.
“Thank you very much ma' lady."

Meanwhile the rest of the party makes their way through the city cleaning up as they go. Nigel is fighting and searching for Alvin Maxwell. Lioniel is providing an inspiring soundtrack.

During one encounter he meets a town guard after vanquishing a creature that tells Nigel he should search for Seargent Gim.

Eventually, after much searching, Nigel runs into him. He’s a tall dark skinned bald man. Looks strong.

"Sir Nigel from the Order of the Lost.” says Nigel, introducin himself. "I’ve heard you may be able to assist me with a quest."
"Us assist you?” asks Gim. “Can’t you see that we are a bit busy at the moment?"
"Well I would like to help you.” says Nigel a little embarrassed.
"What can you do?” asks Gim
"I urgently need to find Alvin Maxwell.” says Nigel
"I believe that was the drunken sailor that we threw into the brig recently. Are you friends with this man?” he asks suspciously.
"No. He has information for me.” says Nigel.
Gim’s eyes narrow. “That sounds suspicious..."
Lioniel pipes up "No need to be suspicious. This man is a mighty hero!”

Nigel Nigel, Good Sir Nigel
Greatest hero in the land

Meanwhile Gwenelda attempts to pick Gim’s pocket. He notices and grabs her by the hand.
"What do you think you are doing?” he says shocked and outraged. "I don’t understand why I shouldn’t throw you all in the jail right away.”
"Your Mayor was a necromancer that rose your own troops as skeletons” states Nigel
"We killed him!” says Gwenelda triumphantly
“What?!” says Gim outraged. “You come in here, strangers, murdering at this moment, and we are expected to blindly trust you?!"
"Don’t question my loyalty to defeating evil!” says Nigel taken aback by the implication he could be doing something unjust.
"Seize these two and take them to the jail. I’ll take this one.” Gim motions to his guards.
"Its not happening.” Nigel states flatly, with the fury of a zealot burning in his eyes.
"Hand over your weapons.” Gim says undetered by this crazy knight.
Gim puts his hands on him and Nigel proceeds to defends himself.

When tries to backflip and falls over.
Lioniel produces his flute and plays a soothing melody. Three of the guards instantly fall to sleep.
Nigel eyeballs the last remaining guard and then walks up to Gim and hits him in the chest with the hilt of his sword. It just bounces off his armour.
Gim swings at Nigel tryin to disarm him for 11 points of damage but he doesn’t drop the sword.
The still awake guard hits lioniel for 7 points of damage.
Lioniel casts colour spray on him blinding him.
Nigel is afronted. He shouts at Gim sayin that he has affonted him and his god and he needs to apologise!
Nigel grapples him and he releases When.
The guard swings at Lioniel and misses.
When tries to stab him with her short sword and misses.
Lioniel moves away from the guard and shoots sparks in the face of Gim which lets Nigel grab him.

"We must stop this now!!” states Nigel
"You attacked me!!” says the Seargent
"You attacked my honour! None of your men have taken damage!” shouts Nigel
"She tried to shiv me! And you punched me in the face!” says the Seargent starting to sound like a petty child.
"You tried to hit me with a sword!” says Nigel.
Gim starts to relax and so does Nigel.

"I apologise for reacting poorly to your suspicion.” Nigel says lowerin his weapon. "Your town has been under attack and I swear to you that I mean no harm to you or your people."
"You aren’t going to try and fight me again?” Enquires Gim. "What about this one that tried to stab me?"
"She is young and inexperienced.” says Nigel.
"Well in that case you won’t mind relinquishing your weapons.” states Gim
"We need to keep frosty and have our weapons on us.” says When.
Lioniel hands over his sword. He knows that there are ways other than fighting to win over your foes.
Nigel shrugs and hands over his weapons too.
The guards take Gwenelda’s weapons more forcefully from her.
"We were sent here by Andy Woods” Lioniel states. “He was the only survivor from a band your city sent out to find the gnolls before they arrived at the city"
“Oh!” Says Gim, surprised. "I’m not sure what to do."
"I’ll go to your cell,” states Nigel “While you think on it"
Gim Sends guards out to find Andy Woods and check with Aaron Shae to collaborate their story.

The three of them go back to the guard house.

Mara found some weed and is smoking a joint and drinking some wine.
A soldier appears and talks to Aaron Shae and points to the party members. He then leaves. He then appears with another four guards.

He says "You lot need to come with us” gesturing at Tzara, Averson and Mara.
“I bet you 5gp that this has to do with Nigel” says Mara.
Mara very carefully nudges Tzara awake.
Tzara turns to Aaron Shae gives him some gold to repair his church before leaving.
They all leave with the guards and head to the watch tower.

The watch tower is a small prison made of stone. You could bunk 20 soldiers at a time. There is a small kitchen and there are 8 cells.
When they arrive filthy Seargent Gim meets them and he’s a good looking, bald, black man.

Gim greets them saying "You must be the other party members from our rogue travelling group?"
Mara resists saluting, "And who are you?"
"I’m the seargent of the town guard, Gim.” he replies.
“Congratulations” says Mara non-chalantly.
"I expect you to relinquish your weapons”, he states.
"Obviously. You’re taking us to prison.” says Mara impertinently.
Averson manages to hide a weapon on herself.
"You guys are gonna stay here until I hear back from some of my men”, says Gim.
"Is this a full service jail?” ask Mara
Gim replies “Usually, but today there are no showers for obvious regions. All your armour and equipment is going to be stored."

The party members are taken into cells. There are eight cells.

Tzara notices that Nigel is injured and goes to heal him.
"I’m fine.” Nigel interrupts her "No need to heal me Tzara."
"How did you get here?” asks Tzara
"We saw some kids being chased down, helped some townsfolk, fought some gnolls and then came across the seargent.” says Nigel
"Nigel you’ve been missing for half an hour and this has happened!” Tzara says exasperated.
"You spent 30 mins by yourself and you got all of us arrested,” Averson says with annoyance.
Nigel quickly changes the subject, "May I introduce Alvin Maxwell"
Mara is confused. "You mean you intentionally got us arrested to meet this man?"
"I’d like to admit this was the plan,” says Nigel “But unfortunetly it wasn’t. This is the guy that we needed to meet though."
"At least we still have the Mayor’s death up our sleeve…” says Averson.
Gwenelda looks embarrassed, “Actually, He’s aware of that” she says.
Lioniel grins and says "I believe the word were We killed him!"
Mara sits down shaking her head. "I’m gonna need a minute."

The drunk wakes up and states in a strong German accent, “I was just having a good time…”
Lioniel says to him “Well, we have managed to get in here to see you."

Tzara approaches the man "Averson, come here. Alvin, you know about the desert of desolation?"
“Yeah.” replies the drunk.
"Is your captain looking for the king of the pharoahs?” asks Tzara
Alvin looks confused.
"Do you know about this?” she says gesturing Averson to remove the scarab.
"Oh. I do.” says Alvin.
"Yeah, the mayor summoned a mummy with it” says Averson.
"I wouldn’t be surprised.” says Alvin nodding. "Some weird shit happens around those scarabs. We aren’t supposed to talk about it we are just ment to transport the crates."
Tzara walks away and fiddles with her cross.
The drunk says "I think we need to leave. I have partied too long."
“Good luck my friend”, the bard replies "The door is locked."
"Did they tell you how long you are goin to be in here?” asks When
“Nien.” says Alvin.
“Wow. That is a lot of years,” says Lioniel.
"How far to the ocean from here?” asks Mara
"One or Two days” says Alvin.
Mara is exasperated. "We are fucked. The ships leaving. We don’t have our stuff. There is no way we can make it."
Tzara suggests they can get in crates.
Lioniel is adamant he is not getting in any crates.
Nigel says “Or, we can wait for the seargent to verify our story."
Gwenelda pursuades Alvin to stay and sit tight.

Mara asks the guard for some food.
The guard replies "Check the trough."
Nigel enquires whether the seargent is available?
Guard just says "Sarge is busy"

Lioniel sings Lizard Man - 23 performance
Averson uses the distraction to steal the keys off the guard.

The next morning the Seargent comes to see them and says he’s seen Andy Wood and that he has verified their story. He says that “we all got off on the wrong foot."
He turns to the guard: “Have you got the keys?”
“No I don’t have the keys” says the guard.
“Go and get the spare keys then” replies Gim.
He opens up the gate and apologises.
Lioniel asks "Can we take this guy with us?"
Alvin says "I’m sorry I made such a mess of your town"
Gim is dismissive. "You guys are free to go. I’ve got other things to tend to than a drunkard."
"I thank you and I apologise again” says Nigel
"No apologies needed,” says Gim.

Party gets their gear back.

Mara says to the Sarge. "If you write to Zahan land they’ll send troops to support you. Send it to the Seargent of Arms Mara of the Okohma."
"Thank you” says Gim, surprisingly.

Alvin has a horse and cart parked at the Wizard Sleeves.
Mara says to Tzara, "You take Averson to the Mayor’s house. We will go to the Wizard Sleeves to get your cart."

Averson finds crates full of sand in the Mayor’s house. He finds the Dust of Dryness.
Tzara finds a +1 panel of a plated armour suit.

When handles the cart horse and hooks it up and drives the cart away.

Averson has heard a rumour that there is a sunken city filled with treasure.

The cart picks up the other party members from the Mayor’s house and we are off!