Part 9: Jail Birds

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Tzara sits with the priest of Majere, She leans in close so she is quite near. "Can you tell me of the Pharoahs of old?" “No. But there is a scroll engraved with gold! I have it somewhere around this place. Look at this mess, what a disgrace"

Averson sits with a guard all alone. She wraps up her wounds with a slight groan. "Tell me about the town’s fancy mayor, Did he alway have such an undead flair?”

“No.” says the Guard, “It feels like a jest” “But he did get a lot of shipments in chests” So who is in charge now this Mayor is dead? “Its Gim. The town Seargent. A real hot head!”

Nigel cuts swaths through the gnolls outside There is nowhere they can seem to hide He finds a guard and asks who’s in charge Its Gim. He’s the boss. He is very large.

A huge man, bald and black he does spot. Nigel and friends move to help him at a trot They finish the fight with a roar of zeal Blood spraying. in a flash of steel.

Gim asks “What are you all doing here?” “We need help finding someone quite near. Alvin Maxwell is the man's name” “Ah yes. That man. Well this is a shame.

The man is a drunk and caused a disaster! Put someone’s head right through some plaster!” While he is distracted Gwenelda chooses To steal from the man but here she loses

The man grabs her wrist with a yell! “What’s this skullduggery… and this smell? Arrest them all! They are naught but thieves!” Nigel draws steel, adjusting his greaves.

Lioniel puts most of the guards to sleep. When tries to escape with a mighty leap! Gim grip is mighty, strong and firm. Landing on her face, you’d think that she’d learn.

Nigel lunges at Gim trying to disarm Wanting to win but not to cause harm But this is not Gim’s first battle He slams back causing Nigel to rattle

When tries to help the battle come to an end But against her pointing blade Gim does defend Lioniel leaps in to defend his protagonist A flare of sparks in the face of the antagonist

Nigel shouts “Let us call a truce!” Gim smirks thinking he can not let them loose “In that case submit your weapons and armour. Into the brig until you are calmer!”

Upon the pallets the other three do lay Mara smoking weed all day The guards do demand their immediate action “Come and join the rest of your faction”

In the prison they all now sit and wait Staring longingly at the closed iron gate Nigel’s trepedation at raising a point “But since we are in this terrible joint.

May I introduce you to Alvin Maxwell. You can find him by the smell…” Alvin tells them of the ship and the plan if only they can get him to his boat and kinsman

Mara says “Nothing to do but wait for the morning, so bard sing us a song to get us all yawning” Climbing onto the prison seat, Lizardman he sings. Its quite a feat.

No instrument, backing singers or band and yet somehow he makes it seem quite grand, Enough to steal the waiting guard’s attention so Averson can steal the keys with intention

Dawn arises upon this motley crew Alvin awakens them all with a morning spew Gim enters through the iron gate "Adam Woods has confirmed your fate!

You spoke true and I acted rashly But next time do not act so brashly. You are free to go, you should leave my town." Mara reminds him to ask for help from the crown.

Tzara and Averson go check the Mayor’s abode While the rest of the party head down the road Some magical dust and a piece of fine plate was all that was found in the mountians of freight

And onto the wagon the party did jump Gwendela hits the pony on the rump Into the sunrise the cart does move out Mara still recovering from the last fallout.

She turns to Nigel and asks “What have you learnt? If you continue on this path you’ll get us all burnt. Half an hour and someone questioned your convictions, We are lucky to be released from his jurisdictions."

Port Kabal awaits the arrival of our team Can they fulfill this long awaited dream?