Part 8: Dead Men Walking

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The yellow sun is setting in the west
Nigel prepares and puffs up his chest
He pushes open the old church doors
The blue glowing town is in the wars

All torches are off and it is dark
Two figures approach the old landmark
Nigel prepares to launch into an attack
"Its the protagonist" Lioniel screams, "stand back!"

They clasp hands happy that they survive
"These people need help, are any alive?"
"We have a new friend here" says the knight
"Lady Averson here is a bit of alright"

"People are hiding down in the cellar"
When comes out, and boy she's a smeller.
Suddenly a body slides across the road
A guard's corpse spilling blood by the load

Three gnolls do approach the party as well
One guard standing, the gnolls do impel
Mara does not hesitate for a second
The gnolls quickly get more than they reckoned

When looses an arrow but it flies wide
Lioniel says goodbye to his pride
He dances a jig and makes a fart noise
A gnoll drops laughing, losing its poise

Lady Averson draws her bow from her back
Her arrow hits the gnoll's knee with a thwack
Tzara runs in to help the great hero
Casting a spell to help injury be zero

Nigel runs in but swings and he misses
But Mara's strikes hit and she is vicious
When's arrow strikes true and then it explodes
Splitners shower over both friends and foes

Averson shoots a gnoll once again
Tsara unleashes her mace with disdain
The creatures crumples onto the ground
Nigel kills the last one without any sound

The guard shouts "The Mayor is calling us forth.
We are to meet in the townsquare. It is due north."
They all swiftly move toward that location
and are confronted with skeletons in formation!

"Necromancy!" the paladin cries enraged
Wenhelda unleashes her arrow, outraged!
Mara runs straight into the fray
Being meatshield is all just a part of her day.

Lady Averson dashes up round the bend
This mayor seems to be dressed to the trend
Maybe he might carry around some treasure?
She fires a shot and misses with displeasure

Lioniel runs up and draws whistle from boot
He then plays a long note on his flute
The skeletons are rocked with noise of great power
And seven of them explode in a shower

Tzara runs to Mara giving here a quick heal
Seems Lioniel's attack was with way too much zeal
Mara's ears begin to slowly stop bleeding
She wasn't impressed with his turn proceeding

Sir Nigel has been waiting all day for his chance
"The undead have risen!" he assumes his stance
"Turn undead!" he yells out into the night
Four of the creatures turned begin to take flight.

The ones that don't run are quickly dispatched
One runs to the Mayor that looks pretty scratched
He grabs the creature and uses his necklace
Sand sprays making everyone breathless

A mummy appears in the midst of the square
The creature is enough to give them a scare
When casts a spell at the Mayor and fires
Mara strikes out never seeming to tire

To Lioniel's shame he fails to help
When Mara is struck by the undead whelp
Mara shield drops as her life is tapped
She barely stands after she has been sapped

Averson shoots true at the mayor
The man never had a real prayer
"You were supposed to save me" he sighed
He slumped down on the floor and promptly died.

Tzara creates a spiritual tool
And slams it into that old mummy fool
Lioniel shouts encouraging lore
Telling Mara its time to withdraw

For this moment Nigel had been waiting!
He charges in, his sword is pulsating!
The holy warrior strikes out with great zeal
The undead creature suffers an ordeal

The fight continues on for a while
Tzara is cursed by the old Mummy's guile
On her way to save Mara, like a true ally
The bard quips "so ugly, made a blind kid cry"

Finally Nigel hits him with his last blow
Then When's arrow falls this mighty foe
The creature spins around into sand
Nothing can defeat this mighty band.