Part 7: River Rescue

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The party manage to sail the boat with the experience of Arcandur. They sail North out of the Harbour and up the Quosa River towards Ghan Port. Their trip takes a day and a half of uneventful sailing through the overgrown Jungle river. At the end of the river the Kalayan Sea. The boat moves across the waves through the humid and sunny day. At night the party pulls up anchor and rests. After a few days travel the end of the river opens up to the Kalayan Sea. Following the coast the ship sees the coastal town of Gahn Port in the distance.

Gahn port is a trading town of mostly wood buildings. As such it has quite a few piers in its harbour and allows the small ship plenty of room to dock. As the boat docks a dockworker approaches the party and asks them for payment for berth there. The party pays him and he promises them that the boat will be well looked after.

The party departs the boat and heads into the town. They start asking around and get directions to the Temple of Set. They head uphill through the town towards the temple. When the party spots it they see it is one of the only buildings built from stone and wood in the town. The stairs leading up to the symbol of Set atop of them are made of stone. At the top of the stairs is the temple constructed of wood. The party heads up the stairs and asks one of the robed priests in Mador Kheb is there. He brings out the man who tells the party about Jodom's last hours. When the party mentions they are looking for the Scrolls of Moz he warns them off going after them in a threatening manner.

As the party leaves the temple they notice a large storm rolling in over the Kalayan Sea. The option of the party leaving that night dwindles and they decide to stay at the tavern by the wharf: The Mermaid's Brassiere. The night is a raucous fun fest of booze and lotus. During the evening though Jorta notices a large ship leaving the port during the storm.

The next morning there are rumours of a ship that left during the night and the priests of Set cannot be found. The party gets on their boat and begin sailing back towards the the Quosa River and towards the Temple of Moz.

During the first night of sailing down the river lights of another ship coming the other way. The ship begins to fire on the party's boat and battle ensues. The party notice that there is someone tied to the mast of the ship.

During the fight Maheen shoots an arrow with a rope and then rappels over to the other ship. Jorta follows her over. They realise that it is dunk that is tied to the mast of the other boat. Dunk manages to get free when a knife lands near him and he gets his hands untied. The party defeats the boat full of Thieves who are tattooed with the symbol of the Seven Knives.

A couple of days later the party arrive at Traders' Landing and finds the other boat of the Set Priests. Raiding it they find a barrel full of yellow lotus some of which Arcandur pockets. Jorta inhales a small amount and starts to see butterflies everywhere. The party then sabotage the ship and head into the jungle.