Part 7: Get Into Vallenheim - Mara and Lioniel

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Avoiding The Paladin's Charge

The bard and warrior head toward the wall
They move quickly for they fear that the city may soon fall
Above the gate sits some guards in their finery
Lioniel lulls them to sleep like they went to a winery

The guards out of the way Mara moves to the gate
Which will lead the heroes towards their fate
Mara hides the sleeping guards behind a barrel
"The creatures won't find them, they are too feral".

Stalking the streets they avoid all the enemy
Mara is starting to feel the pressure heavily
The smoke rises from building into the sky
Screams can be heard in the distance as people fly

Out of a side street a girl comes screaming
Mara acts instantly and her sword is redeeming.
"I shall assist you with this brute" says the bard.
For Mara, dispatching him turned out not to be so hard.

"That church", exclaims Lioniel. "It looks much more secure"
"Head over that way. We can help them, I assure."
Mara looks over and sees more townsfolk heading across
"Lets go bard and get out of this god-cursed dross."