Part 6: Two for One Garlic Presses for Sale Adventure Notes

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Two for One Garlic Presses for Sale Adventure Notes

Dakota says we need to go to the Valenheim to the east. From there we will meet the first mate of a ship who has a job for us. Once completed he will take us to a port where we need to be. Dakota takes Lightsinger from Nigel) and departs ahead of the party.

The barkeep has gross stew that is on the boil. Mara jumps in and has some and she also orders 2 weeks of rations. She then turns to Nigel and Lioniel and says that they should see if there are any caravans that they can guard on the way.

Nigel and Lioniel leave the tavern to see and Lioniel sings "once a humble bard, came to ride along with Sir Nigel the great... call us on 1300 caravan..."

They find a dwarf who needs a caravan guarded who is heading east.

Nigel and Lioniel return to the tavern and explain to Mara they have found one but haven't decided on a price. Mara asks whether it's just guarding or also moving things. LIoniel says that Nigel and him are guarding and the girls are moving things. Mara believes it. She also asks what price was agreed upon. Nigel admits that he forgot that part of the negotiation.

Mara organises everyone and checks every thing is ready to go. Rounding us up like a sheep dog. Lioniel follows up behind saying "I'm coming" with a glass of wine in his hand.

Jaylin Hoofman is the Dwarf but the party doesn't yet know this. He says to Mara "You must be here to load the wagon?"
Mara replies "I heard a rumour you hate women?"
Jaylin replies "That's not true I love ladies. And I love elvish ladies... I'm only really into dwarvern women to tell the truth."
Lioniel asks "Whats in the boxes?"
Nigel starts moving them.
Jaylin says "I like this guy. Not asking too many questions."
Wen tries to open a crate.
Jaylin asks her "What are you doing?"
Wen says "I wanna see what you're selling."
Jaylin replies "Ok open it up." Inside she finds a box of Mastercraft Garlic presses.
Wen is not interested... She rolls a history check. She's seen something like this before. She just keeps packing them up.
Jaylin starts his sales pitch. "All the noble families cooks have them. Cut garlic chopping time in half."
Lioniel observes "I always thought they were portable mincers..."
Jaylin annouces "Lets go. East!"

The caravan consists of a cart with garlic presses, dwarvish man and his pony. The party are "hoofing it".

It's coming into winter. Days are getting shorter. Hot in the middle of the day. Fire would be needed at night. The terrain is grasslands. They pass small settlements on the way. A few houses and farms. Things aren't right. People are cautious. After much of a days travelling the party notes that the road continues away to the South East. They decide to leave it and go north east.

Mara asks the Dwarf if he is going to join the party north east. He says "No, as he I have to follow the road. But would you like to buy a press before you go? Two for the price of one for you gentlefolk."
Nigel dives in and buys two garlic presses. Feeling bad about leaving his charge.

Lioniel asks the Dwarf his name. "My name in Jaylin Hoofman" he replies and rides off into the distance as the sun is setting. Then Mara realises she left the rations on the wagon.

Ahead of the party is grasslands. They are knee height and it's like a sea of grass. There are some rolling hills but no noticeable features in the land. Trees and rocks sporadically pass through the sea of grass.
Wen says "Please walk this way." (Nature check: 17) "We should go here to setup our camp" pointing towards a rock and tree sheltered in the grasslands.

Nigel russels through his pack and finds Order of Lost Sons field manual. "When you find yourself in rolling grasslands. It's important to find whether the ground is hostile or friendly. When the weather is cold, find a spot away from the wind. In a temperament climate you may not need to do this. You should always do watches. A cold camp is necessary. Preserve your night vision..."
Wen does a nature check to try and find a rabbit (Survival Check: 6) and wastes a lot of time hunting. Luckily Mara finds a black-tailed jack rabbit and manages to kill it. Lioniel lights a fire with prestidigitation.
Nigel worries about the fire but Mara assures that we will turn it off soon when we are done eating.
It is a super clear night and the stars are all out and visible. Wenhelda knows exactly where she is and makes a note of where to set off in the morning.
Night passes without incident.

In the morning Mara catches another rabbit that the party has for breakfast and Lioniel relights the fire. The party keeps travelling through the grasslands. Ahead they see a depression in the grass. Moving closer they come across a number of warriors bodies scattered about. There is an obvious trail in the grass leading to this location. The bodies are very fresh. Then three tall creatures with dog faces suddenly spring out the grass. Gnolls.

  • Lioniel runs in and blasts one in the face with his flute casting thunderclap (5 points of damage). It then tries to bite back but misses.
  • Mara is attacked but it misses her. "I try to smash him in the face because what a cunt..." but she also misses.
  • Nigel moves to attack the gnoll attacking Lioniel but misses.
  • Wen shoots an arrow at one of the gnolls into its chest and crits. (12 damage)
  • Last gnoll attacks Sir Nigel and misses.
  • Lioniel casts thunderwave. (8 damage to two gnolls and 4 to Nigel)
  • Gnoll attacks Lioniel with a spear and misses.
  • Nigel hits it with a reaction from Sentinel. (5 damage)
  • The gnoll manages to attack Mara (3 damage) biting into her shoulder.
  • Mara returns a slashing movement to the gnoll (8 point of damage) stabbing through its waist.
  • Nigel summons a shield of faith and then misses the creature.
  • Wen shoots the gnoll attacking Mara. The arrow goes directly into his mouth which is open from a gutteral scream from being stabbed by Mara. It dies.
  • A Gnoll attacks Nigel slashing him (4 points of damage).
  • Lioniel inspires Sir Nigel encouraging him and misses a sword swing at the gnoll.
  • Mara attacks the same creature from behind and digs her sword into it.
  • Nigel swings at the creature critically missing.
  • Wen shoots at the gnoll attacking Mara (11 points of damage) killing it. The arrow going into his heart through his ribs.
  • Lioniel finishes the last Gnoll (critical hit for 12 points of damage). Flourishing his cloak he spins and strikes through the gnoll's neck. A gush of blood covers him and he stands still waiting for the creature to fall.
  • Mara tries to help Nigel but he turns around and lays hands on himself.

Mara investigates the bodies and finds one is alive! Nigel heals him. His name is Andy Woods.
They are all dressed differently but armoured. They are a rag tag militia.
Andy tells them that a couple of dozen gnolls have been attacking their village.
Lioniel says that Mara can carry him home.
Andy says that its half an hours walk and there is no time to make a litter. Mara will have to carry him.
Mara lays out her cloak and makes a makeshift litter. Lioniel says "That is going to ruin your cloak. Here, you can use this shield as well."
Nigel stops to try to bury the dead but Mara tells him There is living to be saved. The dead can be dealt with when the living are safe.
Wen asks "Does the village have defences? Are there other people protecting the town? Or is this it?"
Andy replies "We were sent out from the village to meet the invaders head on. There are only old men and boys left."
Wen asks "Do you know where they were coming from?"
Andy replies "No."
Wen asks "Do you know how many there were?"
Andy replies "No."
The party head to the town as fast as they can. There is smoke rising from the buildings. Black acrid smoke. The city is being marauded. Nigel says "My training dictates a frontal assault with maximum violence." Lioniel asks "Which town is this?" Andy replies: "Valenheim."