Part 6: Two for One Garlic Presses for Sale

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Two for One Garlic Presses for Sale

Dakota says "To Valenhiem I go!
I'll see you there if it doesn't snow."
Nigel replies "Take my horse!
Lightsinger is the swiftest one of course!"

Mara appears and states "We need thy ration
Barkeep, pack them in a quick fashion.
Nigel go and find us a caravan to guard."
"Yes m'lady that surely won't be hard."

Lioniel and Nigel go for a wander
And find a dwarf over by yonder
"Once a humble bard came to caravan...
This sounds like a mighty plan!"

The party begins loading the Dwarven crates
Lioniel says "Hurry! Adventure awaits!"
Wen peaks a glance inside the box
"Its a garlic press!" she yells in shock

Heading off along the eastern highway
The pony gave off an indignant "neigh!"
After walking most of the day
Wen realises they may have gone astray

Lioniel yells to a passing merchant
Turns out their paths are divergent
The merchant bids them farewall with no blame
But Sir Nigel is still filled with guilt and shame.

"Let me purchase some of your wares?"
"Two for one garlic presses. They come in pairs.
Mastercrafted using dwarvern steel."
Sir Nigel buys them releasing his zeal.

Abandoning the dwarf to his fate
The party heads to Valenhiem at a rolling gate
The party's rations Mara did leave
Upon the dwarf's cart with no reprieve

Reaching the crest of a hill
the party hunts to find their fill
A meager rabbit is secured
But their hunger is not cured

The night passes in a flash
And in the morning they do dash
Onwards towards valenhiem
The rising sun does start to shine

Reaching a plateau upon a hill
The party notice something below is ill
Descending into a scene of slaughter
Warriors lie dead having been given no quarter

Leaping from the long grass, a gnoll!
This is no longer a casual stroll
Two more appear from their hiding spot
Thickening this already dangerous plot

Leaping forth flute in hand
Lioniel does not even need a band
Striking hard at their face
He puts these gnolls in their place

A bite is taken upon Mara's shoulder
But her reposte is quick and bolder
An arrow flies from Wen's bow
It strikes a mighty deadly blow

Sir Nigel springs to defend his bardic friend
He blocks attacks that would otherwise rend
More musical notes strike out at the foes
Sir Nigel must even dodge these blows

Mara and Wen move in to assist
The gnolls have no chance to resist
Mara with her swinging blade
And Wen coming to her aid

The battle ends in the strangest way
With Lioniel saving the day
Using his sword with great skill
He slices the gnoll's neck for the final kill

Searching among the dead and dying
They find a man who is softly sighing
Close to death the man does lay
Sir Nigel's blessing helps him stay

Wen discovers Andy is his name
And these gnolls are to blame
Valenhiem is under attack
We must hurry and get back

There is no time to rig a sled
Mara yells for Nigel to leave the dead.
The living are the ones to be saved
I thought that was what you craved

Reaching the crest above Valenhiem
The party find they have arrived just in time.
A fire glows from within the town.
Gnolls attacking all around.