Part 6: The Forked Tongue Crime Syndicate

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The party moves towards the Crime Syndicate's head quarters which has four entrances. Mahin moves ahead to scout around it. She notes that each entrance has a guard and the windows are blackened so you cannot see in. One wall has a chimney.

She chooses a spot that the guards can't see her and ushers over the rest of the party. Kar climbs onto the roof to check the chimney and sees that the fire is not lit but the chimney is too small for anyone to fit into. He makes a weird hand gesture that looks like the Queen waving and confuses the rest of the party.

Mahin takes a dagger and breaks the window near where she is. She finds herself looking into a kitchen. She breaks a bit more off and then unlocks the window and opens it.

Everyone climbs inside. They roll a barrel in front of the external door to prevent anyone coming in. Alena sneaks into the next room, a sitting room and the next door is closed. Arcandur summons his familiar, the cat, just on the inside of the closed door. It finds itself in what looks like a bar with lizard men drinking and playing games. There is also a trapdoor on the other side of this door. He relays this to the other party members.

Alena has an idea. She will create a distraction to allow the party members to sneak to the trapdoor.

Ezra has another idea. He will create a distraction to allow the party members to sneak to the trapdoor.

Ezra leaves the building and takes a small barrel with him. He climbs onto the roof with it and sneaks over near some of the guards. He hefts the barrel over the side and onto the head of the guard.

"Oi!" Says the guard. The other guard looks over at him. "Someone on the roof just threw a barrel at me!"

"Who's up there?" Says the other guard.

Ezra backs off.

Alena suddenly summons rats: dozens of them. Into the room where the men are drinking and carousing. There is an uproar. More men flood in. The guards outside are distracted. The party takes the opportunity to head to the trapdoor and sneak down the ladder.

Ezra remains on the roof.

They find themselves in an old cavern system that seems to have been built for another time. The ruins of Ikath go deep and display the history of this ancient city. Unfortunately, there is a lizard man looking at Alena as she climbs gets off the ladder.

"Who are they?!" Shouts one of the lizard men?

"Get em!" Says another.

A huge battle ensues. Mahin withdraws to the other side of a bridge that seems to have been put up around an arena shaped area and empties a bottle of oil onto it. Arcandur begins casting while backing off towards the bridge. Lizardmen rush at Alena.

Kar starts moving roof tiles above the trapdoor and drops down through the hole and the trapdoor. As he gets to the bottom he runs over to the other side of the bridge with Mahin.

Alena has had enough. She uses her elven powers to summon help from woodland creatures... and the help she gets is unexpected. A small black dragon appears in the midst of the lizard men and unleashes its breath weapon, dropping many of them in an instant.

Meteorites start appearing around Arcandurs wrists and he begins hurling them towards the lizard men making small explosions as he backs off towards the bridge. Kar fires his bow at the oncoming attackers.

One of the lizard men lunges at him but as he does a baying noise can be heard and a huge chunk is ripped out of the creature as if an invisible dog has bitten into it.

The three members of the party make it across the bridge which Mahin is set alight by one of Arcandur's spells. It burns taking a creature with it.

Alena and the dragon finish off their foes quickly while the other party members stop the last of the lizard men. The room goes quiet except for the whimpering of the barman behind the bar.