Part 6: Sink like a Fish

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When Arcandur and Alena return to the tower they meet up with Fralco and rest. It isn't long before Maheen returns but she is distressed that she has lost Manalesi. She expected him to be back at the tower but there is no sign of him.

A few hours later Jorta returns without Dunk. She explains to the party what has happened.

Dunk asked her to stay outside the Harbourmaster's office while he went inside. He also told her that if he wasn't out in two hours that she should go get the others. She waited four hours and there was no sign of him. Its now 5am and neither Manalesi nor Dunk have returned.

The party decides to go after the boat themselves. They head down towards the docks with their equipment. They see many boats down there and notice that the city guards seem to be standing around the docks preventing access for anyone. They spot Dunk’s boat moored not far from the Harbourmaster’s office. The pier is protected by a couple of armed men who were looking bored.

The party decide to be devious. They send Maheen to distract the guards. She begins to use her womanly wiles to act playful and seductive towards the men. They are totally distracted by her.

In the meantime Alena and Jorta head past the men down to the other side of the boat and slip into the water. The distracted guards don’t notice.

At the same time Arcandur has wandered over to the harbourmaster’s offices. On the way over there he notices some black clad figures breaking through the roof of the offices and dropping down into the building. He sees this as another opportunity to create a distraction. He throws some powder up at the edge of the building’s roof and flames start to flicker. He then wanders back towards the boat.

Jorta begins to swim towards the boat but the current clutches her and she begins to be pulled uncontrollably downstream towards the boat and the guards. Alena begins to swim after her and manages to grab her before she is swept downstream. Together they make it onto the boat. They silently move around it and begin to untie it from the dock.

The guards suddenly notice the fire and runs past Maheen. She runs down the pier and leaps for the the boat and catches the side. Jorta helps pull her up into the boat safe and sound.

Arcandur realises that the boat is too far away to jump. He looks around and notices a small row boat tied to a nearby pier. He runs down to it, climbs in and begins to row. He starts to move towards the boat, slowly gaining but starts to slow down as he gets more and more tired. Dunk’s boat begins to move into the current and Arcandur’s arms begin to fade even more.

The girls on the boat start to get worried as they do not idea how to control the boat. They grab a rope and attempt to throw it towards Arcandur but it falls short… three times! Eventually Arcandur manages to fish it out of the water. As he does he notices the other boat bearing down on him. Jorta, Alena and Maheen begin to reel in Arcandur as fast as they can and just manage to get him into the boat as the other ship sweeps by bumping Dunk’s boat on the way through.

Arcandur looks back at the shore and sees the harbourmaster’s offices aflame and soldier in battle with men in black on the ground while the tied up body of Dunk is carried out of the building.