Part 5: The Jade Temple of Set

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Dawn, on the streets of Ikath. The priest of Set has just left.

The party try to decide what to do with the egg. Then Arcandur asks if he had identified it. He hadn’t, just the ring of fire. Arcandur tries to work out every possible place he could stop to identify the egg but in the end they went back to Mahin’s place.

On the way back they run into another small snake that starts following him.

On arriving at Mahin's Arcandur casts identify to find out that the egg allowed him to:

  • Control snakes within 25 feet
  • Summon 1d8 small snakes
  • Summon one large snakes
  • All snakes in the area are attracted to it
  • Requires attunement

The party then slept through the day awakening around 2pm.

Arcandur tries to decide what to do with the egg. Eventually the party decides that he should just keep it on him and tell any snakes that come near to “act casual”.

The party leaves to head to the Jade temple. On the way they run into a snake charmer and Arcandur makes the snake do some strange head bobs which freak out the snake charmer.

Eventually they get to the Jade Temple of Set, a great building semi-transparent in the afternoon sun and set upon a hill. They are beset by hawkers trying to sell them rubbish. Alena buys a jade snake with its mouth biting its tail for 10sp much to the sellers annoyance.

The party heads into the Temple and are flanked by guards at the entrance. Mahin disappears into the shadows and a man approaches the party asking if he can help them. They tell him they are looking for the man they met earlier in the day and he says that he will go fetch them. Mahin tails him upstairs using her bell to distract the guards and sees him conversing with the man they met that morning. He acknowledges that he knows them but the first man says that he is suspicious of them and he has seen them before somewhere. The second man heads downstairs to talk to the party. After a little while the first man spots Mahin trying to break into a door. He asks what she is doing and orders her outside.

When Arcandur sees Mahin he calls her his idiot sister who often gets lost in places. The deception works.

The party chats to the man who introduces himself as Abahn of Set. He is the man they met in the morning and he renews asking what he asked in the morning. Find the Egg of Set for him. He believes that the Forked Tongue Crime Syndicate must have it but the Assassins are hunting it also. The party is the only group of people he has seen that has been able to best the assassins.The other man then questions the group having recognised them as the people who came looking for Mador Kheb before he disappeared. Arcandur insists that it was Dunk “The Fish” Poisson that had been hunting him and had perished in the attempt. The deception works as well!

The party bargain for five potions of healing from Abahn and then set off to the Serpentman Quarter to see if they can find the Forked Tongue Crime Syndicate. On the way there Arcandur is pick pocketed 10gp. And later Alena catches a child trying to pick her pocket, grabs their hand and hands them 1gp saying “You should have just asked.”

When they arrive at the serpent quarter Alena decides that it is best to move stealthily. She casts pass without trace and the party begins the hunt. It continues for over an hour. At one point they see a group of street toughs but the street toughs do not see them.

Arcandur thinks they should find a place they can retreat to if all goes badly. After some searching Mahin spots one. They go inside and mark its location. Then they keep searching. Finally they find an old looking warehouse by the river which has obvious serpentmen guards around it. This place looks suspicious…