Part 5: Owlier

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At this point Dunk realises that he will need his boat to go after the Scrolls of Skellos. He tells the party members that he and Jorta are going to meet the Harbourmaster and find out why his boat has been detained. He asks Manalesi and Maheen to go and collect supplies from the Bazaar. Alena and Arcandur head back to the tower.

On their way to the tower they decide to take a shortcut through a back alley. Arcandur starts to get an uncomfortable feeling about the alleyway. He decides to release Owlier his familiar to scout through the alleyway. The owl takes flights and flies above the alleyway but does not see anything strange.

Arcandur and Alena decide to proceed through the alleyway and as they approach an intersection in the alley a man steps from the shadows and blocks the way. He says nothing when Alena and Arcandur try to interact with him.

It is at this point that in front of them and behind them rogues begin to repel from the roofs. One of them steps forward and is a woman.

"You there. We have been looking for you."

The rogues move to attack. Owlier flies out of their reach.

Arcandur puts his hands up high and pleas for sanity and peace, and then throws the crystals he has in his hand to the floor with a huge explosion, deafening and stunning many of the men.

Alena leaps into action, hacking and slaying the men about her. In very quick time all but one of the men are incapacitated or dead. The last man looks at the heroes that have beaten most of his crew and turns to run. Arcandur looks at a piece of cloth dangling in the breeze. Using it to judge the wind that is moving through the alleyway, raises his crossbow towards the man and lets loose a bolt. The man is impacted in the back of his head and blood and brains spray across the alley floor.

Arcandur moves to towards the incapacitated woman on the floor and asks why she was looking for them. She says that the party attacked and killed some of her men.

It takes a while for Alena and Arcandur to realise that she is speaking of the rogues from the first level of the tower. They have no real good excuse for their actions. So Arcandur lowers his crossbow to the head of the woman and lets loose, killing her instantly.

Alena and Arcandur quickly bend to retrieve what they can from the men and notice tattoos of seven knives upon their arms. Alena finds a necklace and they retrieve some money. Its then the sound of guards can be heard coming up the street that intersects the alleyway. Arcandur and Alena make themselves scarce.

Owlier flies down to meet Arcandur as he vanishes with Alena down the intersecting alleyway and away from the guards.