Part 4: Tomb Raiding

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Tomb Raiding

"You all better go and get some sleep.
And make sure you look after all these sheep!"
The Admiral has a drink and retires
The sun goes down, the day expires.

Dakota approaches the young tracker
"Your help is needed you bushwacker!"
When is flattered by their generous honesty,
She had been expecting all along it was comedy.

Mara jumps in to ascertain a price.
"Expect us to do it, we're not that nice!
Our lives are the ones which will be in peril!"
Dakota thinks she is going completely feral.

Lioniel perks up: "Think of the story!"
Nigel agrees: "Think of the glory!"
It takes them some serious persuading
but eventually Mara commits to the aiding.

"Do we need to wash the sheep?"
When asks which makes Lioniel leap!
He replies "You should go wash, def-in-ite-ly!"
"No, I said watch! And I said it elloquently!"

"Who leads this secret organisation?"
Ask the bard in obvious frustration.
"Papa Nihlas does and he leads it very well"
Replies the admiral and wishes them farewell.

Early the next morning the party leaves,
Heading off straight through the trees.
Lioniel points Tsara out the forest's sights:
"Rats, webs, skeletons..." Tsara's lip bites.

After a while When spots a track,
"Here" she calls and Dakota's mood turns black.
"When! You need to hold your tongue right now!"
Mara replies curtly and he raises an eyebrow.

The tracks are followed into a clearing.
When follows Dakota but her eyes are now veering.
A web covered man stands not far from her
"Do not move!". When is immediately a blur!

The spider is faster and drops to her side!
There is no place that When can go to hide!
Its teeth drop down biting her hard.
Mara comes forward to be When's vangard.

Nigel rushes in striking hard and fast,
Sword strikes so fast like a bomb blast.
The spider reels and drops down with a cough.
His sword had cleaved both the mandibles off!

"Nigel does it again! The beast is slain!"
Mara looks over, this bard could be her bane.
"Was that magic I saw strike out at our foe?"
"No Kelemvore powered my sword's mighty blow!"

The boy's friend Alonzo was this new bloke
He tried to move but he was having a stroke.
"Listen to me, I have the perfect shaft!"
Tsara says "Lay down and I'll show you some witchcraft."

"Let's go find Alonzo's Perfect Shaft!"
Says the bard with his expertise in stagecraft.
"This sounds like work for treasure hunters!"
Mara isn't impressed with any of these punters.

"Nigel our mighty hero will go first!"
Lioniel lays it on so thick he's coerced.
"For Glory and perfect shafts!" and with a yell
He climbs down into the deep and dark well.

The party soon follow and then there's a slam
The door in front nearly blows off its jam.
They keep moving forward and see holes in the wall
Nigel is not bothered but its not the same for them all.

Tsara's eyes in the dark start to glow really bright
Then a huge axe swing cuts into her with a bite.
"This room is a kill pocket!" Mara cries out
Lioniel says "Don't mess this up you lout!"

When dives into the room and pushes past them all
She ponders a while "Its the letter m y'all!"
The door swings open and inside they see
A tomb, some bones and some lovely jewelery.

Tsara sees the bones and then falls down flat
Passed out in a second and on the ground with a splat.
Lioniel reads about the Desert of Desolation.
"That is a very long trip" he says in frustration.

The party looks at the body exposed on the platform
"Its fine!" says the bard shaking it "Not even warm!"
He pulls off its arm and points it at aloft
"This is all about you When!" and gives it a waft.

Mara then throws down a torch with a heave
Without being sure Nigel is not going to leave
He summons the power of his god on the skeleton
And crushes the bones into some form of gelatin.

Dakota holds the Scarab medallion in the air
"Off to the Admiral" he says with a glare.
Lioniel brandishes his lute in front of the fire
Strumming with a hand that long ago did expire.