Part 4: Sword and Sorcery

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Once Jorta and Dunk recover the party heads upstairs to confront the wizard of the tower. He is outraged that they have burst into his tower and been through his things. He hides behind a wall of snakes with two people who are tied up in the corner of the room - a woman and a halfling.

The party launches into an assault and skeletons come to life at each wall of the room. The fight is quick and swift as the party overcomes the wizard. He runs for the ladder to the roof but fails to get past the party. Alena cuts his legs as he tries to climb and Arcandur finishes him off with his crossbow.

The party searches the body and finds bracers, a vial with clear liquid and a foot long stick that is covered in arcane etchings.

They also find the hostages that he has captured to sell to slavers. There is a halfling and a young Dhari woman.

Fralco the Halfling knows Manalesi. He explains to him that the Chief of Manalesi's village was killed and his wife captured and sent to slavers. They were heading to Marg. He managed to escape the slavers in Quodeth but was tracked down.

The Woman is Greta. She is a Quodethi local. She heard that the wizard was going to sell them to slavers who in turn were going to send them to Marg.

The party celebrates their victory and the reunion of Manalesi with his tribesman, with a party. Drinking some of the ale kept in the first floor of the tower and recouperating into the afternoon.

After recovery some of the party members head out to the bazaar. Here Dunk finds a small buckler shield embossed with a hawk on it. He pays quite a price but is very happy with his new purchase.

Maheen also goes shopping for some goods as does Manaleisi and Arcandur.

While shopping Dunk is approached by a robed figure who requests that the party meet with them in the temple district at 9pm that night.

The party debates whether or not to go there but decides that this person is worth hearing out. They head over at 9pm and find a woman in white robes. She requests that the party retrieve for her the scrolls of Skelos and offers them 1000 gp to do so.

The party are at odds whether to take up this deal. There is some debate with Alena wanting to go after the slavers. She is convinced though that the money could help her in her quest and decides to go with the party on this mission.