Part 3: The Plot Revealed

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The players find themselves tired and Rage is very unwell. They stand around the room looking at the corpse of the young half naked girl on the floor. Rage checks her outfit and finds a pin with the symbol of Bhaal on it.

Garbaag starts to search the rest of the room looking for anything out of the ordinary while Larissa decides to concentrate on the Sarcophogus full of blood. She tastes the blood and it seems to taste... like blood. She is resistant to putting her hands in it though. She decides to cast Unseen Servant and creates a servant out of thin air. She then tells the servant to get in the Sarcophogus. Unfortunately it isn't even strong enough to break the surface tension of the pool of blood... so she manually forces it under the water. She then gets it to explore the contents but it finds nothing.

Badwalken is not content that the receptical is empty so he decides to just start bashing the side of it with his glaive. The noise rings out through the tunnels for anyone to hear. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rage goes on sentry duty to see if anyone is attracted to the noise. It isn't long before a guard is attracted to the noise and starts asking Rage what is going on. He tries to bluff and fails. The guard runs off to get help.

Meanwhile the sarcophogus is starting to break. Blood leaches out onto the floor but Badwalken keeps hitting.

The guard returns with three friends and combat ensues as the last of the blood empties onto the floor. Badwalken advances on the guards and swipes at them and misses. Garbaag hangs back and when he gets the opportunity he lets loose his breath weapon, scorching the guards but they continue on.

Thia's Ray of Frost misses along with Badwalkens swing. Rage turns to Larissa and explains he is not feeling great and would love some healing. Larissa gets her unseen servant to give Rage a little tidy up.

Garbaag unleashes axe slashes upon the guards killing the first one...

"My duds are clean!" says Rage. "Do you have any healing magic?"

"Healing magic?" enquires Larissa. "But, death is the ultimate goal! I can offer you some poison spray?"

"No!" exclaims Rage.

"Small man not keen on poison spray", mumbles Larissa as she scribbles in her book.

The third guard pulls out a bow and starts to shoot at the party. The arrow just bounces harmlessly off the wall.

Larissa walks in the hallway and pulls back her cowl. "You want to leave now", she says menacingly. The men begin to move away from her, thoroughly intimidated. As they attempt to run away Badwalken Glaives one in the face as another of Thia's Ray of Frosts go wide.

Garbaag once again kills a guard with his axe as Larissa unleashes her servant to clean the guards armour. The guard completely freaks out! He leaps to the side knocking him and the other guard prone.

Thia has had enough and runs up sticking a dagger into the fallen guard's guts. She is assisted by Garbaag who, with a final slice of his axe, somehow extracts the guard's entire heart from his chest.

"Congratulations everyone!" shouts Larissa confusingly. Then she begins writing in her journal "And he managed to pull his entire heart out of his chest just using an axe..."

Badwalken strikes the final guard as he's backed up against the secret door and Garbaag finishes him with axe strikes.

Confused about how to get through the door Badwalken smashes the door with the butt of his glaive. After the third hit he accidentally hits the opening mechanism which causes him to fly forward into the room and land face down in rancid water. He gets up quickly and pretends he had meant to do that.

The party find themselves in a hallway with stone walls, wooden rafters and knee high water.

Thia scouts ahead and spots a doorway. The party proceed toward the door and Rage gingerly lights a torch and heads into the room careful not to light any gas again. Larissa, trying to be helpful, casts Thurmaturgy, causing his torch to blaze super brightly. Rage completely freaks out expecting another explosion.

"Its happening again!" he yells.

He runs back though the secret door. Nothing happens though.

In the meantime Thia has walked through the doorway and found what appears to be an abandoned cellar. And as she enters four skeletons rise out of the water to attack!

Thia leaps at one casting shocking grasp and causes its sword arm to be obliterated.

Larissa makes the ground rumble again with Thurmatugy and Rage loses his shit. Running out again and pulling Vendetta aside to keep her safe.

Thia is stabbed by a skeleton while Garbaag destroys one with an axe. In retaliation she cuts off its finger.

Larissa returns to Vendetta and Rage and berates him for running.

"Is this something you did?" asks Rage.

"Yes. Magic." replies Larissa. "You do know that magic exists here, right?"

The unseen servant starts to clean the Tiefling who freaks out at being touched by the invisible creature.

"Its ok" says Larissa. "Its just magic. I'm trying to help."

"I've never really had anything to do with mages before" says Vendetta.

"I'm a warlock", says Larissa.

"Mage, warlock, sorcerer. They are all the same to me," replies Vendetta, shocking Larissa.

Rage runs back into the battle, shooting a dart at a skeleton and knocking off its head. Badwalken clefts another skeleton in twain.

"Look, just stay away from that little guy, ok?" says Larissa. "He seems like trouble."

"Oh, I thought he was kinda cute," giggles Vendetta.

A skeleton hit Garbaag who immediately ripostes, destroying it.

Thia cuts off the last skeleton's final fingers, killing it instantly.

Rage finds a bottle that looks like wine but the label is missing. Not having a bottle opener, he attempts to sabre it open. But not having a sword he asks Badwalken to just hold his glaive so he can strike the bottle against it. The bottle just explodes in his hands cutting them. Licking his fingers he can tell the wine would have been delicious.

Thia examines the debris in the room and thinks that it may have one point been an exit to a house that this was its cellar. Its totally collapsed now. She then leaves the room and moves further down the previous corridor.

Beyond the hall, a flooded chamber opened up with rough-hewn steps climbing to the south, north and northeast. The floor buckled up above the water line in the middle of the room, forming a small island. Corpses and doused torches floated in the water around the island, atop which two men circled each other with weapons bared. One of the men - a tall, unarmoured brute with a greatclub and a scarred face - towered above his opponent but was gravely wounded. The smaller figure was muscular and bare-chested. He clutched a bloody dagger in one hand and a torch in the other, and had no flesh covering his skull.

The party start to discuss the situation but quickly Larissa makes too much noise and the skinless man notices them and flees up some stairs.

The man calls out to the party explaining that they have saved him. His brother and the cult had betrayed him and tried to kill him.

"I am Mortlock Vanthampur. I was betrayed. Three assassins conspired with my brother's to kill me. If you hadn't come along I'd be dead. I owe you my life."

After some questions they party discover a few more bits of information.

"My family is paying the Dead Three cultists to murder people in the city. Our goal was to prove the Flaming Fist can't do its job. Once the city stops paying them, the flaming fist will have less of a reason to stay in Baldur's Gate. With them gone, no one can stand in the way of my mother becoming the city's next grand Duke. If she gets her way, Baldur's Gate will share Elturel's fate and get dragged down into the Nine Hells.

"You see, my mother is one of the three remaining Members of the Council of the Four, which governs Baldur's Gate. She was instrumental in convincing Ulder Ravensgard to travel to Elturel and meet with it's high overseer, Thavius Kreeg. With Ravensgard gone, the Flaming Fist is leaderless and vulnerable.

"The Dead Three cultists have been receiving regular payments from my brother Amrik, who runs his own money lending business out of a tavern called the Low Lantern. My mother doesn't expect much of me, but she thinks the world of Amrik. He's always been her favourite.

"My oldest brother, Thurstwell, uses imps as spies throughout the city. He has this bathhouse under surveillance and probably knows you're here. He's very sickly and seldom leaves our mother's estate.

"If you've made it this far, you've killed most of the leaders of the Dead Three cult. Without them, the cult will break up. The cultist keep their treasure nearby."

He gestures up some stairs. Rage heads up and verifies that their are locked chests in the area. Mortlock then turns to leave.

Garbaag and Badwalken intercept him. Garbaag negotiates for him to stay and help them deal with the last cult member in return the party would deal with his brother. He agrees.

They party heads up the stairs with Mortlock. Burned torch stubs litter the floor of the hall, the western end of which was occupied by three six-foot-tall, painted wooden statues. Each statue stood atop a two-foot-high block of red stone, making it look taller and foreboding.

The centre statue resembles a heavily armoured man whose face is hidden behind the fearsome visor if his helmet. He's painted red except for his right gauntlet, which is black. Clutched in his gauntlet is a blood-red spear, pointed upward. The statue to the north depicts a purple-garbed male noble wearing a Harlequin mask and holding a dagger behind his back. The statue to the south portrays a black-robed skeleton with it's jaw open wide and it's bonnet hands outstretched.

Between the statues stood the man that had fled into this chamber.

Rage runs straight in and attacks. He is stunned by the black robed figure and cannot seem to harm him.

Thia hits the cultist with two Rays of Frost as Garbaag weighs in with his axes hurting the man.

Larissa casts Eldritch Blast again wounding the man as Mortlock weighs in massively damaging him. Mortlock is then stunned. Badwalken strikes the man with his haft.

Rage comes to and flips out of the way, around the back and strikes with his quarterstaff.

Garbaag hits with both his axes but nothing happens.

Finally Badwalken strikes the man in the neck with his glaive, blood gushes out and he collapses, dead.

Thia goes to check behind the curtain at the end of the room and finds a storage room. Within there are six empty crates and three crates that hadn't been opened. In them Thia finds a bunch of equipment.

Next, Larissa and Thia head over with Badwalken to look at the locked chests. They then realise that Rage had picked up keys earlier. They get Rage and he uses the keys to open the locks. The chests contain a lot of treasure. They divvy up what they can carry.

  • Larissa - 4 x Alchemist Fire, 1 x Red Potion, 10 agates, Dragon mask, 200 sp
  • Thia - Tiamat Crown, 1 x Red Potion, 3 daggers
  • Garbaag - 250 sp
  • Badwalken - 5 rations, 2 green vials, 3 sets of manicles, torch, bag of caltrops, 500 sp

Garbaag knocks over each statue. When he knocks over the last one, Myrkul, he feels a strange feeling wash over him. A tingling all over.

The party leave the dungeon.

As they emerge from the bathhouse, five figures leapt down from the top of the courtyard wall to confront them. In addition to their black leather armour, they wore strange masks and cloaks that give each of them a vaguely dragon-like appearance. All five brandished curved steel blades reminiscent of dragon claws.

Mortlock uses the distraction as an opportunity to flee.

The party make short work of the Dragon Cultists. Larissa casts Witchbolt, Thia misses with a Ray of Frost. Badwalken kills one - dead by dick. Garbaag kills one with a thrown axe. The other axe is assisted by Rage who finishes the last one off by kicking the axe through his body, severing his arm.