Part 3: The Mysterious Travellers Adventure Notes

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Dnd Part 3 - The Mysterious Travellers

The Admiral has hired a cart to pickup the sheep at dawn tomorrow.

Mara explains to him that skeletons attacked them in the forest yesterday.

"Foul necromancy is at foot", says Nigel.

"There is no evidence of necromancy", says Mara.

"These are strange times and there are new events in the forest. I have lived here 15 years and the intensity has increased in recent months, probably since the start of the year. People have started joining weird cults. There have always been cults around."

"So would you say this is a 'Witch steals a baby' level of occult or that 'Witch called WACO that killed all those people' level of occult?" asks Lioniel

"More that WACO level of occult. And people have been having bad luck. Not just your usual amount of bad luck but really really bad luck" replies the Admiral.

"Like your house burns down during a rain storm level of bad luck?" asks Nigel

"Yes, there is a rumour that someone is stealing children and takes them to their secret church." Says the Admiral

"Where is the secret church?" asks Nigel

"If he knew it wouldn't be a secret" replies Lioniel

"No idea where it is. Check at the town" says the Admiral.

Feidenheim population would go from 30 to 300 during the festival.

When is carrying around a book. The cover pattern has an eight pointed star with an emerald in the middle. See Media:8-point-star.jpg

Nigel sees the book and senses for fiends and undead. But finds none.

Nigel goes to investigate the sound of clinking armour in the forest and he notices signs of other humanoids that have passed. Calls over When.

When wafts him with her body odour and then does a survival check (17) and she sees the footprints of (Investigation Natural 20) three human men that came after the party passed through here the other day. One is 6' foot tall, one is 5'5" and one is 5'8" and were running until they got to the edge of the where they slowed right down to be quiet. Soft boots, not military. Less booty, more shoey. All have the same footwear. After some investigation (14) she thinks that some light packs may have been laid down on the grass and she believed it happened in the evening.

Nigel goes up a notch of intensity. " There is more to this than simple sheep rustling!"

When tells Mara.

Nigel mansplains about it (performance 18) and it is quite a site to behold.

Mara believes everything he says (rolls a 3)

Mara notes there were no torches

Lioniel is very impressed by their tracking abilities

Mara tries tracking (17) and guesses that one could be an elf due to their light build.

Lioniel starts to suspect that they are being watched and then starts to get paranoid that there is a spy in their midst. Could it be When? Sara?

When nearly makes Lioniel sick with her BO after he over reacts and starts to get paranoid.

The party head back to the sheep.

Lioniel starts valuing the leather bag a lot more. He feels like he could carry a lot more in it without it becoming heavy.

Lioniel puts the shield into it and makes it into a portable stage - he proceeds to sing "All you need is gold" to the party.

Admiral comes out and asks Mara what the watch plan is - same as last night sir.

Wagon arrives at dawn and the boys will load the sheep.

Mara asks if bathing would be required and the Admiral says that it would be. A bathing routine is setup. Boys first ... with soap.

Lioniel offers to help Nigel get his armour off. He rolls a Natural 20 taking off Nigels armour. He pulls one string and it all just falls off! The he pulls off Nigel's belt, his pants immediately drop and slaps him on the ass with his belt. "In you go!"

Then it's the girl's turn.

"Is this your first time?" asks Mara to When about bathing.

"I have these peppermint leaves." When says nervously. "These can get rid of the smell." and starts rubbing them all over herself.

Mara persists and convinces When to bathe. She starts to walk in fully clothed. Mara is very confident and gets naked and cleaned really quickly. When doesn't know what she's doing and is trying to copy Mara but is confused by wearing too many clothes. She eventually gets her kit off.

They bathe. Mara goes into great detail about all the things that she does to make When wash herself thoroughly.

After cleaning but still naked Mara feels a cold tingling as if she is being watched. She really quickly tries to get her armour back on.

"Get dressed. Now." she tells When.

When puts her filthy clothes back on and starts stinking again. Amber flips a coin: When LOVES being smelly again.

"Camp now" says Mara.

When the ladies start coming back Nigel flips two gold coins towards Lioniel.

"A wager is a wager!" says Nigel.

"Sir Nigel, we're being watched" says Mara

Nigel rolls a 20 and keeps himself restrained from charging.

"That is enough of this. We shall face it." says Nigel

"Sir Nigel charges into battle. No one can defeat this noble knight." Lionel gives Nigel inspiration.

"Someone has watched this entire thing?!" Says When who is freaked out that her first bathing experience was witnessed.

"Mara, call me if you see anything!"says Lioniel

Lioniel sees Sara's holy symbol. He doesn't say anything.

Suddenly, near the trees, Nigel relaxes for some reason and puts his sword away.

When feels like its very quiet. Too quiet.

Mara smells some type of smoking weed.

"This would be much easier if you just came out of the bushes. I really don't have any energy for anything else today." Mara - Intimidation (10)

Voice from the woods "Well I guess she smelt your tobacco"

Two figureswalk from the woods, one is 6' the other 5'8" and smoking a pipe.

"Where is the third?" ask Mara

"We lost him earlier today" says the taller man.

"My condolences." says When who assumes he is dead.

"We lost him earlier in the day and we were doubling back on our tracks to try to find him which led us to .. bathing beauties." the man replies.

"So you lost a comrade in arms? That is odd for such good trackers to lose someone" says Mara.

"We got separated in a brawl" says the man.

"In a forest? A brawl with who?" asks Mara

"With our chosen foe." says the man cryptically.

"The skeletons?" asks When

"You have seen the skeletons?" the man inquires.

"Not only have we seen them, we have vaquished them" replies Sir Nigel.

"Was it a hill giant?" asks When.

"What makes you think there is a hill giant around. That is very specific. Do you have any evidence? That would definitely add some difficulty to what we're doing here." says the taller man.

Nigel introduces himself

The tall one says "Where are my manners, I'm Dakota Tanner. This is my protege Kaden Filges. My father was a tanner and smelt like shit. Much like her." he says pointing at When.

When walks up to them and has some of the weed. Their demeanour is not threatening.

They are both wearing dark grey, almost black. Like they are tying to be extra covert at night. They both have short bows and Dakota has a number of daggers. Kaden has a short sword and a shield tarred black. The equipment is in good working order. Dakota has his cloak hood up, is clean shaven, dirty brown hair, green eyes. Kaden is bowl cut, 5 day stubble english looking.

"Were you close to our camp a night ago?" asks Sir Nigel.

"I told Kaden we shouldn't go so close. You are Bradbury's men?" asks Dakota

"Who is Bradbury?" replies Mara quickly.

"You're saying that you are watching people on this land and you don't know who owns it?" says Dakota

"You're saying that you are watching people who are watching on this land and you don't know who owns it? Why?" ask Mara

"Welcome to our camp!" says Nigel

Kaden offers When more tabacco.

They all head back to the sheep.

"An audience!" says Lioniel

Dakota starts petting the sheep and they nuzzle back at him.

"Have you met the sheep before?" ask Lioniel

"I get on well with animals" replies Dakota

"You know the admirals animals?" asks Lioniel

"I have met them." he replies

"You know the admiral then? Admiral! Admiral!" shouts Lioniel.

"Oh you shown your face here then?" says the Admiral when he appears

"During the day when we were tracking we seems to have lost Alonzo in the fray. We came back to the farm to look for him and were found by your new recruits." says Dakota.

"They are rough around the edges but they are great. Even though there was a fracas the other night they have done a great job" the Admiral winks at Sara. "The stalwart warrior. The caring individual. A survivalist with a keen nose for tracking. A loudmouth bard - what more do I need to say? But he has kept morale high in the camp. And the captain of the guard in the making, studious and always ready. I was going to wait until the morning but there is a little more afoot than just guarding sheep. We have been under siege for quite a while. Our last resort was to put the call out for people to help us. I was going to wait until we meet town to proposition you all. The sheep needed guarding but we have been besieged by dark forces. These are my men, Kaden and Dakota, and we would like you to join our secret organisation."