Part 3: The Mysterious Travellers

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The Mysterious Travellers

At dawn the animal's cart will come
Can the sheep survive until the sun?
The Admiral insists there is a cult
"Please prevent the sheep's assault!"

"A house burns down during a storm.
This bad luck is not the norm!
Kids simply vanish in the night
No one even knows their plight."

"They say it's all a secret church
Leaving these people to have to search"
"Where is this very secret place?"
"Secret places pass without a trace!"

Nigel says "I'll go and check in the trees"
But it is When who ends up upon her knees.
"Three men passed right through here.
I see their footprints, its very clear."

Mara replied "Let me see that!
"One must be an elf or else I'm a cat!
They used no torches. They see in the night.
These enemies would give us quite a fight."

When said "Look, do you see this ground?
They laid down their packs. This grass is unwound."
Nigel goes up a notch of intensity
He can not help his crazy propensity

When carries around a green leather book
Nigel did worry but changes his outlook.
The bard thinks that there may be a spy
But When says he's just being a silly guy.

Lioniel's bag now feels very light
And he thinks it is time for him to recite.
He makes a small stage out of his shield,
Then sings about Gold out in the field.

"Do we need to bathe, Admiral, sir?"
"Most certainly, I do concur!"
The boys go first heading to the spring
Leoniel helps remove Nigel's armour and bling

The bard grabs a single string with a yank
The armour flies off and onto the bank
He grabs the end of Nigel's belt and yanks
Revealing his butt which he leans in and spanks

Reluctantly When approaches the water
And Mara offers her no quarter
When gasps out but Mara gives her a steer
Right into the spring like a small deer

When completely loses her smell
Mara stops, hearing her inner alarm bell
"Get dressed and quickly, we are being watched"
And the cleaning of When is once more botched.

"Sir Nigel someone is skulking about!"
"How dare they? I'll break the villainous lout!"
Sword is drawn and towards the wood they go
Then Nigel relaxes as if he suffered a blow.

Mara calls out to the men hid in the wood
"Come out before I show you real womanhood!"
A voice says "Your smoking gave us away.
Sometimes I don't know why I let you stay."

The men say they have lost a good friend
They are worried he came to a perilous end.
The party listen to their sad plight
Sounds like they had had a very rough night.

So our heroes meet Kaden and Dakota
Suspicious at first but then not an iota.
The Admiral says "Ahh you met this association.
I can now tell you we are a secret organisation!"