Part 39: Into the Latrines

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The adventure resumes after a long hiatus. The party have recently stolen the uniforms of guards in an attempt to steal into the Prison in Immystrahl the city of Elves. They are very certain that there is a character in there called "Father" but they are unsure about whether he is related to Alena or Ezra or both?

When we left them, they were wading into a moat of sewerage seeking to enter the prison through a broken grate over a drain...


The foul water begins to overwhelm the senses of the party as they move through the, but they manage to continue forward. They reach the drain and can see that previously patrons have travelled through this path with the loose bars creating an easy entry for their passage, if not pleasant on the nose.

The passage they enter through is dark to the eyes of the humans and the Atlantean, however the elf Alena and the warlock Ezra can see clearly with her dark vision into the darkness beyond. The rogue decides it is time to create a little light in this dark depth of terrible smells. Striking her flint, she lights her lantern and the way ahead is illuminated for the party. Looking around, they can see no sign of recent human activity, but the smell lets them know that this path is well used for different means.

Arcandur gently but firmly nudges Ezra ahead down the path. Reaching an intersection, Ezra and Mahin examine the halls for traps. Ezra struggles to find any sign of traps but Mahin feels a ripple of water rush past her legs. Arcandur experiences the same sensation on his legs and turns to see Alena moving forward stealthily. Feeling the same movement around her legs she turns to the party, speaking with years of experience of living in the wilderness, and tells them to stop moving. They instantly stop moving and remain still, waiting.


· DM (23)

· Mahin (20)

· Arcandur (16)

· Ezra (16)

· Alena (8)

1. DM – A stream of water, a tendril launches from the water and grabs at Alena slipping off her breastplate. The water itself seems to rise behind her, features of a demonic creature approaching the party from behind in a wall of terror.

a. DM roll 11 to hit

                                         i.    Arcandur does a quick arcana check on the creature and thinks on its divine making. knowing that maybe it has an elemental nature. He divines that poison will be useless against such a beast, and that they don’t have any anyway.

2. Mahin – firing at her bow at the creature, but in these close quarters she misses

a. Mahin rolls 8 to hit

3. Arcandur– flicking his wrist, he throws fire at the elemental water creature, but on impact It appears to be smothered and the creature shrieks in indignation

a. Arcandur hits for 12 points of damage (no roll to hit for cast)

4. Ezra – taking his queue from Arcandur, he tries to cast fire at the creature and misses

a. Ezra rolls a 5 to hit

5. Alena – quirking an eyebrow at the creature she says, “any chance we can be friends?” and stabs at the creature, once flowing through easily with the steel sword and struggling with the iron sword, on the third strike she says “I guess not” and stabs in again.

a. Alena rolls a 16 (12 damage – Colossal Slayer)

b. Alena rolls a 20 + 7 (10 damage)

c. Alena rolls a 20 + 9 (18 damage)

6. DM – the creature tries to attack Alena again and is unable to penetrate her armour. Suddenly the writhing water behind Ezra grabs at him and tries to pull him under the water, fighting back he escapes. Another tentacle flies past his face.

a. DM rolls to hit 8 to hit Alena

b. DM rolls to hit 19 to hit Ezra, Ezra escapes with a 17 but takes 15 points of damage

7. Mahin – pulling out another arrow she loads the crossbow. Her aim is true as she pierces the creature.

a. Mahin rolls a 25 (8 damage)

b. Mahin sneak attack adds to her damage (15 damage)

8. Arcandur – peering behind him at the sound of Ezra getting slapped by water, he sends a firebolt at the creature in front of them

a. Arcandur hits for 6 points of damage (no roll to hit for cast)

9. Ezra – stabbing out with his dagger he strikes the water demon

a. Ezra rolls a 20 (10 damage)

10. Alena – “could you just die already?” Alena strikes at the creature for a final time as it collapses into the water. Taking out her longbow she draws and fires but misses (she is a truly terrible ranger).

a. Alena rolls a 27 (11 damage)

b. Alena rolls a 12/14 disadvantage

11. DM – the creatures in front of Ezra miss on both attacks

a. DM rolls to hit 12

b. DM rolls to hit 6

12. Mahin – firing with her bow she hits the creature, with two arrows at the same time, skimming off the top of the creature but leaving a mark

a. Mahin rolls a 15 (19 damage).


13. Arcandur – casting out of his hands in the darkness, a firebolt flies and crashes into the creature with a great hiss of steam

a. Arcandur rolls to hit 24/19 disadvantage (12 damage)

14. Ezra – stabs at the creature with his damage

a. Ezra rolls to hit 21 (10 damage)

15. Alena – pushing through the party to attack the creature in front of Ezra, putting away her bow and stabbing twice at the water elemental while saying “This is taking far too long” and with that the creature falls back into the water defeated.

a. Alena rolls a 26 (17 damage)

b. Alena rolls a 21 (12 damage)

16. DM – struggling to achieve the drowning death of Ezra, the creature fails again to grasp him.

a. DM rolls to hit 13

17. Mahin – throwing a cocktail of oil and flame at the creature, light flares in the passage, landing just right and the flame stays illuminated on the surface of the water.

a. Mahin rolls to hit 23

b. Hitting both Alena & Ezra with the circle of flame, oil and water, they are singed by the flames (Alena 5 damage, Ezra 2 damage)

18. Arcandur – using his magic, he helps Alena by dragging the flame away from her using his wizard abilities, she nods her head in thanks.

19. Ezra – stabbing with his dagger at the creature, he sucks more of its life

a. Ezra rolls to hit 26 (11 damage)

20. Alena – striking the creature twice and missing once with her short sword she pierces the water elemental

a. Alena rolls to hit 16 (17 damage)

b. Alena rolls to hit 9

c. Alena rolls to hit 27 (11 damage)

21. DM – trying to stop her the creature attacks Alena directly

a. DM rolls to hit 8

22. Mahin – crossbow drawn and blisters upon her skin, her aim is true

a. Mahin rolls to hit 26 (10 damage)

b. Mahin sneak attack (17 damage)

23. Arcandur – sighing loudly, he creates a horseshoe affect around Mahin keeping her safe from the flame

24. Ezra – stabbing at the creature with his dagger, he sucks more of the water elementals life. The dagger enters the mass of the creature and it parts into the water around it, dissolving like they were never there.

a. Ezra rolls to hit 14 (8 damage)

b. Ezra sneak attack (10 damage)


The wick of the lantern is too wet to light, but Arcandur saves Mahin by sighing loudly and drawing the water from the wick. Walking past Mahin, Arcandur mutters under his breath, and all light goes out. Mahin swears loudly and relights her candle, illuminating a hand gesture on the wall.

Once again, moving down the hall the party continues to discover a hall with elves discussing normal elvish things such as basket weaving and being better than humans. Mahin comes back down the hall and tells Alena of the elves and what is occurring, Alena hesitates but a moment, before moving forward to see for herself. Upon reaching the location, three elves are discussing the finer things in life and how much better they are than humans.

Leaving the grate and the end of the hall they head back down a different path to find where the three voices are emanating from. Mahin seeks for traps as they proceed down the recesses of the smell and piping that surrounds them. Mahin continues down the path led before them, checking constantly for traps. As she reaches a new room, the refuse and the waste are piled high with decomposing matter being the main component. Four grates sit above the pile, with sounds of a kitchen coming from above.

Heading back from where they came, Mahin and Ezra scout along the last option for their entry into the jail. Moving through the muck, searching for traps, finding nothing but more muck and smells which Mahin is sure she will never remove from her silks and hair. As she approaches this end of the hall, the smell grows, the scent is so strong that her stomach turns. She has found the bathroom of the jail and the grate is simply a piece of wood which can be easily moved, and the party can enter.

Mahin heads back to tell Alena and Arcandur that they have found a way into the jail, albeit a disgusting one. While she is doing this, Ezra begins the ascent into the tunnel which is covered in the faeces of decades of use. Vaulting up the passage and carefully removing the plank, his head pokes out of the toilet and he sees that he is alone. Wedging himself against the faeces covered wall, he lifts the plank and gains entry to the wall. Mahin, Alena and Ezra venture to the toilets and find that he has left an easy access for the them into the jail.

Upon all reaching the toilet, it is well lit and Mahin puts her lantern away. The party smells of years of filth and grime and look a sight which would shock the most harried of creatures. Smelling and looking like shit they party glances around for a wash station and finds themselves out of luck. The party discusses the options of using the guard uniforms as previously planned, however, who and how to use this without drawing attention is harder than they imagined.

Handing out the uniforms to Alena and Mahin, he orders them to undress before him and change into their required outfits. While this is happening, Ezra uses his power of invisibility to gather reconnaissance of the prison for the party. Moving through the jail he finds prisoners in cells but no one that he knows as ‘Father’. As he reaches the end of the hall he does find a room filled with three guards, the ones he heard from down in the sewers he assumes by their fine conversation and excellent looks.

Ezra heads back to the party, still invisible and finds them changed into uniforms and begins to tell them what he has found. As the party can’t see him, this is rather shocking as Mahin points out. Arcandur merely suggests that she smell for him. Asking Mahin to gather herself small and he begins scrunch up his hands and cleans her with water and wind. Repeating the motion, he cleans Alena in the same manner. Both now appear to be guards, rather than people who have stolen uniforms while covered in shit.

Gathering their wits, Alena and Mahin take Arcandur into custody and move down the hall. Ezra moves down the hall to engage the guards in nostril combat, an attack they will never see coming. Proceeding past the prison cells, they find a large man who may be Atlantean. Arcandur seeks to know if he is one of his kind, speaking softly he quests towards the man. The man answers, in High Atlantean. Beckoning Mahin forward he requests for her to open the lock for the stranger. She asks if he is trustworthy, he says that he trusts him more than most men. Wiggling and struggling to enter the barred doors, she fails.

Advancing to plan b, the prisoner yells loudly for the guards to come to his cell. The party hides, Ezra in plain sight, the others around corners. As the guard opens the cell of the prisoner, Arcandur attacks from behind while grabbing his mouth to keep him silent. While he succeeds in silencing the guard, the guard continues to struggle but Arcandur’s strength is great in this cause. As he holds the guard, Mahin advances forward and proceeds to kick the guard in the face, knocking him unconscious and leaving him bloody and bruised. Leaving the guard in the cell, trussed and tied they search him and take what they need and begin to proceed to remove the other two guards.