Part 36: Wizard Towers and Magical Doors

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Previously in Primeval Thule:

Note for Ezra “Father” on the way to the wizard’s tower. Alena storms the tower…


Alena enters the tower through the open door. The party can no longer see her once the door magically closes behind her. They decide after much contemplation, they enter the tower. As they enter the tower they have the feeling of entering a long tunnel which faces towards the sky. Mahin thinks of the illusions that wizards are capable of and is distrustful of this place. Glyphs cover the room and they match the glyphs from the boat.


Mahin questions Arcandur about the glyphs and he is once again useless to the party with his inability as a wizard. Mahin seems disappointed in his lack of wizardry. Sensing her disappointment, he tries to examine the glyphs further, explaining that they are ‘wizard marks’. Mahin squints in the odd light at his face, uncertain of his abilities once again.

Mahin moves towards one of the pillar which shows a glowing glyph, checking for traps. Letting the party know that there does not appear to be any traps on the first one, she proceeds to examine the next one along. After finding nothing mundane to detect, she moves to the fountain in the middle of the room. Elegant and without marks, she gleans nothing from her observation. Fed up with waiting for answers, she moves back to the pillar with the glyph and touches it. Other than chill to the touch, the pillar does not change form at all.

Asking Arcandur for help, and he denies her, she moves to the purple one. Touching it, the room pulses and light beckons, chimes sound, and a door swings upon from the pillar, within in an old elven man stands waiting. The sleeping old elf glares at Mahin. Mahin questions him and discovers his name and that this is the entrance to his chamber. Mahin beckons Arcandur over to speak with Archibald. As the Atlantean draws closer, the elven man’s eyebrows raise high, questioning his presence in the city. Arcandur asks him about the lotus and the affects on the city. He then further asks casually about the green glowing glyph and the master of that pillar. The elven man’s eyebrows rise again, but he answers

Mahin asks him about getting weapons, armour or magical items. He seems hesitant and explains that there is a cost to such services, beyond gold. Ezra follows him into the study seeking to discover further information about gem magic, the wizard offers to transcribe some information for him from the library within the tower, at a cost of 500 gold. He accepts and begins the long process of paying for his service and this knowledge.

The remaining party members follow the wizard and Ezra towards the library. He heads to the orange glyph pillar and strokes it gently which opens a wooden door. The party follows on. Turning back to the party, he addresses Ezra personally by name. Ezra is surprised as they haven’t introduced themselves. Launching himself into Arcandur’s mind he explains this thought, Arcandur doesn’t respond but nods sagely. Ezra then does the same with Alena and Mahin, advising them to be careful.

Arcandur leaves the group in search of wizard spells, as he is useless presently. Searching with his cat he uncovers old elven texts that appear to have the essence of nature, the cat discovers a book with is chill to touch. Collecting the books and deciding to investigate further, he sits down and begins to read.

While this is happening, Mahin reaches for the green glyph pillar and a loud ‘dong’ echoes through the room. Both notice that a mist is forming on the ground around them, as the door to the outside slams shut. Suddenly, a voice fills their head.

“So, you survived my servants that you destroyed”, Voice in their head states, “maybe now you are separated I can take what I am owed.”

A wall appears behind them and many red eyes peer out of the mist.

In the library, the wizard advises the others that a lot of magic has been used downstairs. Ezra asks for his assistance, but he declines and offers instead to continue his transcribing. Ezra shakes his head and begins the walk back to the common area.


Beast 1: Breathes fire at Mahin and misses

Beast 2: Tries to swipe at Gwen and misses

Beast 3: Tries to swipe at Mahin and misses

Beast 4: Tries to bite at Mahin and misses

Beast 5: Moves forward to attack

Alena: Misses twice at striking the beast but finally connects (14 points damage)

Mahin: Stabs at one of the beasts (9 points of damage)

    • Interlude – Ezra appears at the door and can see the fight, he yells for Arcandur to come quickly**

Beast 1: Breathes fire at Mahin and Alena and misses (Alena - half damage 12 points)

Beast 2: Breathes fire at Mahin and Alena and misses (Alena - half damage 15 points)

Beast 3: Tries to bite Mahin and takes a chunk from her arm (14 points damage)

Beast 4: - Tries to bite Alena and takes a chunk from her stomach (17 points damage)

Beast 5: Tries to bite Mahin and takes a chunk from her arm (13 points damage)

Alena: Misses twice at striking the beast but finally connects (12 points damage)

Mahin: Disengages from the fight and races around the tablet to attack the beast from behind (11 points damage)

Ezra: Poking his head of the library door with a loaded crossbow fires on the scene, missing.

Beast 1: Tries to bite at Alena and misses

Beast 2: Spins to face Mahin who stabbed its butt and tries to bite her, taking another chunk from her other arm (8 points damage)

Beast 3: Moves to the door of the library to attack Ezra, trying to bite at him but misses

Beast 4: Tries to bite at Alena, grabbing her wounded side (14 points damage)

Beast 5: Tries to bite at Alena, grabbing her leg (28 points damage)

Alena: Misses twice at striking the beast but finally connects (16 points of damage)

Mahin: Throws Alena a potion which she grabs with her forearms, then stabs at Alena’s attacker (10 points damage) KILLSHOT

Ezra: Stabbing at the beast in front of him with the dagger he draws life from the creature as he pierces its skin (11 points damage)

    • Interlude – Seeking to escape his attacker he steps back into the room and the attacker fails to be able to follow him, he faces begins to transfigure into that of the beast who attacked him. Arcandur arrives at the door to see this**

Beast 1: Tries to bite at Alena and crushes her chest (7 points damage) KILLSHOT ALENA DEAD

Arcandur: Strides through the door and faces the fallen beast and the scene of destruction. He begins casting a spell filled with energy, stormsphere fills a 20ft space. Two manage to avoid the spell casting but one is hit (6 points damage). He then strikes out with lightening to the creature, connecting solidly (17 points damage)

Beast 2: DEAD

Beast 3: Moves into the stormsphere to try and attack Arcandur, biting at his body (23 points damage). However, Arcandur is surrounded by a red mist which tortures the creature with necrotic damage (BEAST DAMAGED 22 points damage)

Beast 4: Tries to bite at Mahin and clutches at her leg (7 points damage)

Beast 5: Backs away from the stormsphere

Alena: DEAD

Mahin: Stabs at the creature in front of her, slicing his face (10 points damage) KILLSHOT

Gwen: Cries out at Alena’s death but is unable to help her

Ezra: Shots with his crossbow and pierces the creature (7 points damage) KILLSHOT

Arcandur: Fires a bolt at the creature, but the creature is immune to such magic. He then hurls a bolt of lightning at it (22 points damage)

Beast 1: DEAD

Beast 2: DEAD

Beast 3: Moving through the stormsphere to attack Arcandur he is damaged in the storm (BEAST DAMAGED 7 points damage)

Beast 4: DEAD

Beast 5: Turns to Mahin and moves to attack but fails to connect

Alena: DEAD

Mahin: Attacking with her rapier she stabs the creature (15 points damage)


Ezra: Moving to attack with his crossbow at the creature attacking Mahin his aim is true (15 points damage)

Arcandur: Striking with a lightning bolt, his fear overcomes him, and he misses. Summoning his courage, he throws thunderwave at the creature racing towards him (6 points damage)

Beast 1: DEAD

Beast 2: DEAD

Beast 3: Races at Arcandur and uses his gem magic to cast THUNDERWAVE (BEAST DAMAGE 6 points of damage) and then the stormsphere strikes out (12 points of damage) KILLSHOT

Beast 4: DEAD

Beast 5: Biting at Mahin, he misses her

Alena: DEAD

Mahin: Attacking with her rapier at the creature’s face (5 points of damage)


Ezra: Using his crossbow his aim is true (15 points of damage) KILLSHOT



The scene is filled with the dust of the fallen creatures. Alena lies dead on the ground with the potion laying beside her. Mahin lifts Alena’s head and begins pouring the potion down her throat. Her eyelids flutter but she does not awaken. Mahin continues to pour potion down her throat, Alena does not respond to Mahin’s ministrations.

Ezra, Mahin & Arcandur head back into the library to safety. Alena remains laying on the ground in the lobby, Gwen by her side. Arcandur ponders the thoughts of taking another wizard on in the party of this injured state. Mahin bunkers down amongst the books to rest and recover from the excitement of battle, pleased that she is alive indeed.

Arcandur decides to peruse the green glyph door, coming to a decision. He touches the door, and a loud gong noise sounds…….