Part 35: Dancing with a Demon in the Pale Moonlight

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Black milk, whores, pimps…. what more is there to say. Oh yeah, a dead pimp and the growl that echoes through the mist.

Scene Opens:

The creature in the mist creeps out of the shadows towards Arcandur who is holding the body of the dead pimp.


Alena: upon hearing the growl Alena runs across the inn and jumps out of the window landing nimbly on her feet, ready to begin battle.

Cat: the cat tries to stealth, however the creature in the mist spots him

Creature in the mist: materialising out of the mist and begins to attack Arcandur, slashing with both claws and bites down (17 damage + 22 damage + 8 damage = 47 points of damage)

Arcandur: constitution saving roll to remain standing (12), he delays he action

Ezra: running to the window near the beast, he loads a crossbow to fire upon the creature, hitting it with the crossbow bolt (18 damage)

Mahin: races to the window near the beast, and fires, hitting the beast with her arrow (16 damage)

Alena: racing in front of Arcandur and putting her hand on his face she heals him (15 damage), striking at the creature with her sword CRITICAL (18 damage)

Arcandur: turns invisible and moves out of range of the beast

Cat: the cat goes into stealth

Creature in the mist: the creature turns to Alena who struck him, reaching to hit her with his paws, hitting once, missing once, and failing to bite her (13 damage)

Arcandur: tries to discern what the creature is attacking them, searching for an answer he uncovers that this is a demon, based on this information he knows that it’s resistant to magic, delaying his action

Ezra: loading his crossbow again, shotting a bolt upon the creature (20 damage)

Mahin: shoots an arrow and misses her shot

Alena: now poisoned, aims at the creature, hitting twice and missing once (28 damage)

Arcandur: drops out of stealth and shoots at the creature with his crossbow, a bolt firing at the creature (6 damage)

Cat: the cat goes into stealth

Creature in the mist: trying to strike with its paws, it misses, but the teeth bite deep into Alena’s body (30 damage CRITICAL)

Arcandur: shoots at the creature with his crossbow, a bolt firing at the creature (6 damage)

Ezra: loading his crossbow again, this time he misses

Mahin: shooting her arrow, she aims and fires, connecting (23 damage) DEATHBLOW

End Combat

After Mahin’s arrow slices through it’s body, the creature falls to the ground in a mess of bloody remains.

Ezra, “Our enemy knows we are here”.

Mahin, “Which enemy this time?”

Mahin and Ezra discuss which enemy knows they are here and wish their death. Arcandur examines the dead demon body and pulls demon blood and teeth from the creature. Still poisoned, Alena moves to help Arcandur strip the body, her hunter training taking over not to waste remains. Arcandur grabs containers and jars from the kitchen to collect further supplies. Mahin jumps from the window and lands gracefully upon the floor. Alena looks up, injured and tired, and shakes her head.

Alena and Mahin discuss who could be after them now and Alena expresses her distrust of Ezra and his secret brotherhood of lies. Alena needs rest and takes her tired and weary body upstairs to retire for the evening, finally. Arcandur covered in the blood of the demon and his own, he cleans himself off after complaints from Mahin of his smell. He leaves the room, dismissing his party members and dripping blood upon the floor.

The night passes soundly, the whore sleeps in the bed as Arcandur rests perched on the end of it. Everyone sleeps peacefully. The morning comes, the sun rises, and the party awakes. Beginning their movements for the day, the whore is awake, and her shaking body is shocked to hear the word that her pimp is dead. She doesn’t know how to absorb the information but leaves the room and takes Mahin’s recommendation to stay away from this area for a while.

Mahin heads downstairs to the bar to speak to the innkeeper about the other Elven Branch and gather further information. Discussing the noise of last night, the innkeeper advises he slept soundly and heard nothing, but noted the red footprints upon the floor this morning. The innkeeper describes the Bonedust Gate near which another Elven Branch resides, and the one that resides by the prison. Mahin thanks him for this information and leaves him a copper piece for his troubles. He gives them a map showing them the location and wanders off to seek his morning supply.

Upon talking to the party, they decide to head to the Elven Branch near the prison to seek further information after heading to the Mage Tower to increase Arcandur’s mediocre abilities. They head through the city, making their way through the crowds which have appeared today. Today appears to be a better day for the residents of the city. As they are walking through the crowds, a note is placed in Ezra’s hand.

Note: Father has been taken, will find you later at the Elven Branch.

Mahin questions Ezra about the note, asking him why and how this information is coming to him. His answers are vague, and this frustrates Alena, to the point where she grabs his robes and pulls his face close to her, demanding answers. Ezra explains that he called a man who raised him at the orphanage Father, that all the boys did. Suddenly, it seems clear to Alena that this Father is not who she thought it was, and maybe she will never see her father again.

Appearing before them, the Mage Tower looms over the city like a dark ominous cloud. One piece of solid stone looming out of the ground, staring down upon them in all it’s wrath. Stairs leading into the tower await the party. Arcandur turns to the rogues and asks for their professional opinion about how to enter the building. Mahin isn’t keen to climb, but suggests walking up the stairs?

Alena turns to the party, “Enough of this intrigue” and walks up the stairs and into the building.