Part 32: Snakes on a Boat

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Keshard’s Blessing (new boat), Captain Argos Stormson (sailing the seas for thirty years) with first mate Peggy (one leg). Previously, note came to Ezra saying that Alena’s father was going to killed in two weeks.


The captain welcomes us on board with a gruff and cheerful manner. A man of the sea through and through. “We be going to Immystrahl – the city of the elves? Aye, that place grows more in wealth and decadence each time I go there. Not to mention the elves. (He laughs sharply and suddenly) The elves feast on the black milk, they have become ones of a world filled with extravagance.” Mahin speaks to the Captain questioning the elven city, her eyes grow wide with a mixture of confusion and disgust about how the elves are living.

Gwen turns to Alena and tries to get her to talk about their father, to reassure her that they will make it in time. Alena brushes her off “You always were a silly young elf, queen or not”. Gwen thrusts her chin in the air “But I’m the elder!” Alena stalks to the rail and stares out to sea.

A young lad approaches Mahin with love in his eyes, adoring her features and set of the cap. She sweetly asks for a hammock, and of course, is provided with the best bedding available on the ship. While Mahin is engaged with this young lad, Ezra makes his departure into the darkness below. Deftly he moves around the below deck, finding a location to commune with his god for guidance.

Peggy approaches Alena and queries her troubles, deftly trying to use humour and her wooden leg. After a moment, Alena enquires about the location of rum, and Peggy kindly supplies it to her. Whilst this is all happening, Arcandur heads to the front of the boat and begins to leisurely read. Upon turning a page, he sees a rune upon a page which for some reason fills him with the oddest of feelings. “Odd” he thinks. He runs through a mental review of the rune, trying to gain a greater understanding of the rune. He vaguely recalls that a sect from the past may have used this symbol…or was it a wizard’s symbol? He glances up at his cat, hanging around the pole above him, and smile.

NOTE: Draining Mist Scroll & Ring of Wizardry (DM Guidance Required)

The first day proceeds smoothly, with the invitation to dine with the Captain and Peggy. The Captain begins the tale of Peggy’s leg.

“Peggy’s father was my first mate, a trusted and true companion. One day, he asked to bring aboard his child – a girl! A girl on board a ship! But she settled in like a young lad and deftly moved about her tasks. Until one day, we were attacked by a sea serpent and it took her leg and my cargo. After Peggy’s father died, she become my first mate. And since then, one leg seems to be enough to do the job! (He shares his sharp and sudden laugh again and Peggy chortles along as this is obviously a story that is told regularly). “

The Captain discusses his trade and his feelings on slavery as the night proceeds, appalled by Marg but needing to trade then. When he finally discovers that Gwen is an elven princess, he is delighted and overjoyed. The night passes in a calm bliss of rum, food and friends.

The second day of the journey begins with Peggy and Alena hungover but with a friendly flirtation bonded through rum and shared tales of woe. Mahin and Ezra spend time learning more about the craft of sailing and boating, gaining a further understanding (plus 2 to survival on sea checks).

The third day opens to a loud yell of “Help, Help!” Door fly open as they all rush to see what the noise is. A sailor rushes to the Captain “It’s Aaron! There was an accident…. I think he is dead!” The party members exchange meaningful looks. Alena looks at Peggy and feels her heart race. They rush downstairs to investigate. The Captain says, “I cannot believe this has happened on my ship!” Mahin realised that this is the child who helped her on the first day, Aaron, the ship lad. Arcandur pushes forward to survey to scene, he glances around but is unable to see anything beyond the obvious. The boy’s throat has been ripped out. Other than his throat, he appears to be in perfect health. Arcandur sees an open barrel slightly to the side. Mahin turns quickly to the Captain “Are you transporting any animal items?” The Captain quivers and looks awkwardly “No….no, definitely not!”

Arcandur turns to them all “Alena, get everyone but the Captain and the first mate out. Mahin and Ezra go and find out what they were transporting”. Alena turns to everyone, draws her swords and shoves everyone else out of the room. Arcandur turns to the barrel, slowly he moves towards it, peering inside. He puts his hand into the material in the barrel and find a small bone. Upon examining the material in the barrel, it appears to be some sort of embalming matter. A bat flies from the corner of the room, and Padfoot springs from between Arcandur’s legs to grab at the bat, pulling it from the air in one foul swoop.

Mahin begins to question the Captain. He took some containers from Marg, but nothing of such a nature that would rip out someone’s throat. The barrel appears to be made from ebony, well-crafted and constructed, and very expensive. Arcandur moves around the hull examining the other cargo to see if there is anything else like this design. The party joins Arcandur in the search and discover another barrel of similar in design. And then in the darkness they spot another barrel. Arcandur suggests a plan on how to deal with this barrel situation, the Captain can’t seem to remember who loaded the cargo or paid for their transport. The Captain turns to Peggy to ask her if she remembers who or what paid for this cargo to be transported.

The Captain and Peggy being to carry the boy’s body upstairs for a sea burial. Arcandur murmurs a few words and a shiny rune appears on the side of the barrel, the one from his book earlier. The Captain sees the rune and says that he has never seen it before but that they are cursed and should be thrown overboard immediately. Alena picks one up and moves it to the cargo loading tray, with the ease of a drunken elf, very easily. The Captain and Peggy finishing moving the body upstairs and organise the barrels to the lifted from the hold to the deck.

Arcandur requests tar and canvas from Peggy, and after a stern lecture about resources she huffs and bring him the supplies. Gwen moves to the body and begins the queen’s job of those in her service of cleansing and cleaning the body for the journey into the afterlife, honouring the dead for their service. Mahin follows Arcandur to the front of the ship, where he glares at her, and begins cutting up the canvas. He carves up a coin, threads the canvas through, and then creates a net, coated with tar. He wants to place the net upon the barrel to try and place a safety precaution on the proceedings. As he is working diligently, a sailor approaches and kicks the barrel. Ezra looks at him curiously. Mahin places her ear to the side of the barrel and hears a rattling.

Alena taking orders from Arcandur, Mahin can’t believe it. “Alena, you aren’t the kind to take orders, why are you taking them now?” And with a start Alena is confused and concerned over who she is becoming with Gwen back in her life. Ezra turns a barrel towards the sunlight and dust appears with liquid was before. Mahin hangs around Arcandur desperate to be allowed to help with the plan of attack, for she is the queen of laying a trap after all. After taking string from the dead boy’s body, he finishes his net design and covers them.

Mahin continues to hassle Arcandur, even though he is consulting his book for the bone from the barrel. Mahin wants to open the barrels, and in fact so much so that Arcandur sends her off on a mission to locate a type of weapon to find these barrelled creatures. Arcandur turns to Alena “I suggest that there is something in need of hunting in the hold.” And Alena, though disturbed at her taking orders from this nobody “I take your suggestion, for a wish to kill today.”

“Good” says Arcandur “It’s serpentine, large and strong. Be prepared.” Alena nods. Ezra suggests moving through the decks to clean them out and dispose of any monsters. Suddenly, the deck is filled with crew members running away from something which has scared the life out of them. By this time, Alena had already gone to the hold to hunt. Ezra and Mahin begin the checking the sleep hold, clearly the way to prepare for a fight.

A rattling noise whispers behind Alena in the hold. She turns around quietly, the rattling still sounding. She slams her foot down and the noise stops. Alena moves towards the noise near the stairs. Ezra and Mahin move down the stairs to the hold. From nowhere, a ten feet animated snake skeleton with a human skull moves down from the beams. A terrifying sight, yet Alena is not scared, for hunting is hunting.


Padfoot: The cat runs over the creature and skitters to the side, placing one paw on the snake and shocking it (SHOCKING DAMAGE – 7 damage – lingers and can’t use reaction to start of next turn)

Alena: She swings her sword and misses her first, too drunk from rum. Her second hit connects and her third (PIERCING DAMAGE – 25 damage – Colossus Slayer)

Mahin: Slides down the banister and tries to attack the creature mid-air, missing but it looked incredible

Snake: Weaving its human head and it stares at the party, moving in an undulating fashion. Captivating all but Padfoot, paralysing them.

Snake: The snake bites Alena, biting deep (19 damage) and paralysing her

Ezra: Sends a ghostly hand forward to cold touch the snake (Necrotic damage – 7 damage – can’t regain hits point, attack Ezra, or regenerate)

Padfoot: The cat runs over the creature again and shocks the snake (SHOCKING DAMAGE – 4 damage)

Alena: Finds herself able to move but not quick enough to hit the animal this turn

Mahin: Finds herself able to move but not quick enough to hit the animal this turn

Snake: Weaving its human head and it stares at the party, moving in an undulating fashion. Captivating Padfoot & Mahin

Snake: Snakes towards Mahin and bites at her with its human face (11 damage) and is paralysed in fear

Ezra: Tries to send forward a ghostly hand and fails, he ducks to the side to try and avoid seeing the snake and being charmed

Alena: Swings twice and misses, but finally her strike connects and removes a portion of bones from the snake (PIERCING DAMAGE – 15 damage – Colossus Slayer)

Mahin: Finds herself able to move but not quick enough to hit the animal this turn

Snake: Weaving its human head and it stares at the party, moving in an undulating fashion. Captivating Alena

Snake: Angry about taking the hits, the creature strikes out and removes part of Alena’s arm (24 damage)

Ezra: Looks around and casts hex upon the snake and summons the ghostly hand which grabs the snake creature again (6 damage)

Padfoot: The cat runs over the creature again and shocks the snake (SHOCKING DAMAGE – 13 damage)

Alena: Finds herself able to move but not quick enough to hit the animal this turn

Mahin: Finds herself able to move but not quick enough to hit the animal this turn

Snake: Weaving its human head and it stares at the party, moving in an undulating fashion. Captivating Padfoot

Snake: Snakes towards Padfoot and bites at her with its human face (6 damage) and is paralysed in fear

Ezra: Tries to summon the ghostly hand again and fails

Padfoot: Disappears in a cloud of smoke

Arcandur: Begins running downstairs

Alena: Furious at this situation misses her first hit, and then follows through with her short sword through its neck and beheading it with her longsword (PIERCING DAMAGE – 24 damage – Colossus Slayer)


Ezra collects the remains skull and snake alike up on deck, opening them to the sunlight to no effect. Arcandur’s book is warm to the touch and as he opens it, a large eye stares at him. He stares back and wonders if they are currently they are being scried. He stares and the eye closes, the hairs on the back of his neck continue to be raised.


XP: 0 - handed out in next adventure