Part 31: The Temple of Hanuman

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During the night more slaves turn up that made it off the ship with their lives and escaped the Marg slavers. Shalaran is with them. They are still thankful for seeing faces they know but they have a sadness about them knowing that not all of their friends made it.

The next morning the party makes their way from the cave of the Followers of Asura to the Hidden Harbour of Asura through an underground mountain tunnel. On their way through the ancient tunnel that was burrowed through the mountain centuries ago by Atlanteans they are attacked by a Minotaur emerging from a side passage. The party fight it off while it yells at them in some unknown language in obvious rage.

The party follows the path from where the creature emerged past a number of cross tunnels. Could there be a labyrinth beneath this mountain? Cheese is used to mark their way back.

They come to an anti-chamber with large double doors. Upon opening it they find a large natural looking cavern with an alter in the middle. Upon the alter is a cloth, a short bow, a dagger with a large ruby in the hilt and a chalice.

The party looks around and sees nothing else. They then head back to the others and finally complete the journey through the mountain. On the other side is a large fiord that the party then has to make their way down to the bottom of. This is the Hidden Harbour of Asura that is magically protected by outsiders. There is a boat awaiting the party and their freed slaves.

Bearn Tuham is awaiting the party on the boat and explains that when he heard that the party hadn't arrived he had set out on a boat to find out what was happening. When he arrived the ship in the harbour was on fire. He had met with Noble Freeman who informed him that Leafstan had been rescued and then came here to meet him when he arrived.

Bearn Tuham gives the party the 1000gp that he had promised them. He also tells them that they are welcome at the Griffin Clan's village whenever they wish. They have done a great deed for the Clan and they are very happy with the party.

Minotaur 175xp Saving the slaves: 500 xp Discovering the temple of Herem/Hanuman: 500xp XP Total: 1175xp

Loot from the temple:

Bow of Hanuman +2 Short Bow/+3 vs Good Creatures

Dagger of Hanuman +2 Dwarven Steel Dagger/+3 vs Good Creatures On a critical hit this dagger will transfer all damage that it does through to the user as temporary hit points which will last until the user sleeps.

Hanuman's Chalice of Scrying Allows the user to cast the Scry Spell 1/day To do this the user must fill the chalice with 10hp worth of their own blood.

It should be noted that all of these items radiate an unsettling feeling.