Part 30: The Death of Captain Jorthra

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The party flees through the window and out into the night. They see a fire burning from the docks. Alena casts pass without trace to help them get through the guards that are patrolling the streets: It works!

They navigate the city and down to the docks. As they move closer the fire draws nearer. They arrive at the dock to see their ship alight and on the dock, strapped to a chair, is Jorthra.

Using his mind powers Ezra speaks to him. Jorthra freaks out at first but then replies "Its a trap! You must run!" But the party does not run. No they creep onto the dock with weapons in hand and the pass without trace spell still firing. Jothra sits behind a bonfire that is lit on the dock and from behind it a figure appears. He is wielding a dagger and looks to Mahin. It is Mattheus.

"Time to die Mahin. Don't be a fool. Come here and taste my blade. There is a bounty on your head that I'm here to collect." And with that he slits Jorthra's throat who has a sad look in his eye as he looks at Mahin for the last time.

"Mattheus, you bastard!" Screams Mahin and the fight begins.

The battle ensues with Mattheus hiding and dodging, he is an experienced rogue but he cannot best the fury of Mahin. Ezra finds a note on the corpse of Matteus stating a reward of 10,000gp for the death of Mahin.

At that point a boat full of city guard begin to approach the dock from the burning ship. The party flees and is grabbed on the way through by the old man Yoodir. He says he can get them out of the city if they go with him. They have no choice so they follow. He takes them into a store where they sit for hours. After a while a woman comes for them and takes them through a secret tunnel that opens out into a cavern with water in it. She explains that she is a follower of Asura and they are tasked with helping slaves escape from Marg. The party can finally rest.