Part 2: Sheepless Nights Adventure Notes

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- Ranger looks for tracks and finds nothing - Sir Nigel asks her and she says nothing - I say "This is going to be the worst song ever" - Two wolves are suspected... Not in single file - Mara sees the footprints. The spider webs seem very old. She also sees nests made of wood - Sir Nigel uses his special ability and senses celestial music coming from inside the wood. He is drawn into the wood. - He finds three skeletons and advances on them, the girls follow - The skeletons attack Nigel. The first hits him and then one gets tangled and falls over. - Mara wades into combat and her blow is knocked back by the creatures shield - Lionel says "Fuck!" and runs off into the forest - Whenelda's arrow flies into the forest - Sir Nigel hits with his sword and cuts it in half but it continues to come on - Skeletons keep missing - Lionel casts light on a rock and throws it into the fray - the skeleton misses Sir Nigel - Whenelda misses again with her arrow - Mara raises her sword back and slashes down with her sword in a huge blow and clobbers a skeleton onto the floor but it keeps coming - Sir Nigel does a beautiful pirouette and completely misses his foes - The skeleton standing still hits Nigel - Two giant rats are stirred up and come for the sheep! - Lioniel charges in and screams "D&D" and strums his lute and a shockwave of energy comes from his lute killing the skeleton - Mara raises her weapon up sliceing through the skeletons neck and then stabs down into its body destroying it - Another of Whenelda's arrow flies into the forest - Sir Nigel bounces a sword blow off his shield - Sara hits the rat with her crossbow and it leaps into the pen and starts rating a sheep - Lionel moves between the remaining foes and screams "Cabbages" and the two skeletons take a bunch of damage - Mara says she hates "virgins" and then thrusts at the skeleton and her sword strikes through it, black gunk gushing out onto the floor as it collapses - Whenelda's arrow finally flies true, hits the creatures polearm, splits in two and goes through each of the skeletons eye sockets killing it. She then says "get in the ground!" - another sheep is killed by a rat - the sheep is suddenly scolded by heavenly fires generated by Sara - Lionel congratulates the party and Mara rushes off to the sheep in concern - She sees the rats eating the sheep and pulls out her crossbow exploding one of the rats brains and is sad she hasn't lived up to her mission...again - When leaves to tell Bradbury that they have killed everything and sees the rats Upton the sheep - Sir Nigel leaves the forest and hurls a javelin that misses - Sara Benda down and touches the sheep and casts spare the dying and it becomes stable and she dies it without anyone noticing - Lionel searches the skeletons and finds a fine leather satchel - Mara goes to stab the rat and freezes with anxiety - Sir Nigel slashes the rat and it completely explodes - two sheep are dead, one is sickly and three are ok - Mara patches the sheep's wounds - Sara brings all the sheep back from the brink of death - Sir Nigel recognised Sara as a Priest but not her religion - Sara healed Sir Nigel - Lionel and Sara go to see the Admiral - Lionel cleans the sheep with a small flute - Admiral says "what is the watch list? Produce me the watch list in the next 15 mins" - 6 to 12 and 12 to 6 - "Two watches, this should be interesting" - There are fliers everywhere and The Admiral has a printing press - First watch is uneventful to midnight - In the second watch Jackie casts thyrmaturgy and sends Nigel to patrol the forest by himself. Nigel has no idea.