Part 2: Sheepless Nights

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Sheepless Nights

The ready heroes stand alert
While their Ranger inspects the dirt.
Into the dark wood When goes
Expecting to find her evil foes.

The six sheep meander in their pen
Eating grass again and again.
Unaware of the sudden danger
Sitting peacefully in their little manger.

"Two wolves have been here.
Otherwise the trees are clear".
Mara walks over, "Let me see"
And she dives in to inspect a tree.

"What's with all the spider web?"
She says as the day starts to ebb.
"And what is that nest over there?
Could it belong to a bear?"

Sir Nigel rouses from his thoughts,
"Kelemvor look after my horse!
What do I feel coming from that wood?
The sense of evil, time to do some good!"

The knight charged in followed by Mara.
Lioniel looked askew at Sara.
"Where do you think they went?
Sounds like they are heaven sent!"

The sound of fighting could be heard.
The bard said "Fuck!" He spat the word.
He grabbed his lute and ran for the wood.
This was a tale that should be good!

Sir Nigel fought an undead skeleton.
Mara beside him stopped his legs being gelatin.
Whenelda's arrows flew through the trees,
But did not hit any adventurer's knees.

That forest fight was quick and fast!
Some skeletons fell from musical blasts.
Arrows through the air did fly.
"I hate virgins!" Was the Battlecry.

The final skeleton did slump
Two shafts imbedded in the boney lump.
"What a mighty band!" The bard did cry
Sir Nigel smiled and tried not to die.

"Oh no the sheep!" Mara cried
"I hope not any of them have died!"
She sprinted off out of the brush
And stood aghast at the sight of mush.

Sara had been defending well
Her crossbow and then with fires from hell.
But some giant rats had been stirred up
With all the fighting and the sheep were muck.

Mara cast a bolt and it flew true
Rat head exploded and it never even knew.
Nigel came along soon after
Throwing a javelin with valiant laughter.

Then Sir Nigel, our hero this day
Runs and slashes into the fray!
The rat is hit and it does expire,
Truely a legendary blow to admire.

Lioniel grabs an old rusty shield
While Sara saves sheep that are bit congealed.
Sir Nigel gets mighty suspicious
But Sara urges him not to be superstitious.

A sheep cries out with a small yelp.
Sara the vet says "The Admiral may help!"
"Why can't we just eat some mutton?"
"Don't be such a goddamn glutton!"

The Admiral is very, very drunk.
Smelling worse than an entire skunk.
"I need your watchlist right away!
Or none of you will be allowed to stay!"

Lionel cleans the sheep with his flute:
Prestidigitaion, what a hoot!
The party says "Two shifts of six hours"
Sir Nigel was already asleep in the flowers.

The first shift passes with quiet calm,
No one even had to lift their arm.
The second raises quite a stir,
Sir Nigel hears a noise from the fir!

Stalking back and forth he waits
For his glory and entry to the gates.
But Sara sits alone with a smirk,
Thyrmaturgy had done it's work.