Part 2: Phandalin

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  • Ben - Graeber of Collinghill - Level 2 Lawful Neutral Human Fighter
  • Harry - Durden Rockseeker - Level 2 Neutral Good Hill Dwarf Cleric
  • Josh - Zeist Jefferys - Level 2 Chaotic Good High Elf Wizard

At this point the party decides to question Sildar about why they were coming to Phandalin. He tells them that the three Rockseeker brothers recently located an entrance to the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the mines of the Phandelver’s Pact. He does not know the location of the mine though so he cannot help them with that. The party decides to head to the Stonehill Inn.

They meet the barmaid Elsa who tells them that Daran Edermath, the orchard keeper, is a former adventurer. They also talk to a local miner, Lanar, who tells them:

“Orc raiders have been seen on the east end of Triboar Trail. The townmaster is looking for someone to run them off.” He also complains about the Redbrands. A group of thugs that have taken up residence at the “local tap” - The Sleeping Giant.

The party rent two rooms (4GP each) and stay the night at the Inn. In the morning they head to Edermath Orchard and knock on the door of Daran Edermath. Daran is excited to see new faces in town and asks them inside. He tells them of the suspicions he has against the Redbrands and asks the party to stand up to them.

The players head over to the Sleeping Giant to find out what these Redbrands are about. They are greeted by four of them, drunk and lounging around on the porch of the tap room, hurling insults at the party. Graebar attempts to put them in their place to no avail; the insults keep coming.

“Here’s a whole pack of little puppies. What do you want, puppies? Come here to bark at us?”

Graebar attempts to enter the tap room and is pushed backwards by one of the Redbrands.

In an attempt to intimidate the Redbrands, Jeff casts a cantrip of sparkling lights into the air. In doing so he gives them the excuse they were looking for to draw their swords and attack. But Jeff is not caught unawares and fire explodes from his fingers blasting three of the men and nearly killing one of them. The others begin to attack him. They were not expecting a man with such dexterity though as their stabs miss him repeatedly.

Graebar is ready for a fight and proceeds to swing his axe around wildly - making a mess of the porch. Durden adds the fires of Moradin to one of the already smoldering men. The man nearly killed by Jeff gets up to attack, fumbles, falls off the porch and knocks himself unconscious.

The party begin going toe to toe with the remaining Redbrands. The fight is fierce and two of the men are killed. The last backs off and then runs. Graebar grabs for one of his javelins and throws it. His aim is true. The man is struck in the leg and Graebar pursues. Catching up to him he quickly knocks him unconscious and drags him back to the Sleeping Giant.

Graebar talks to the Sleeping Giant owner Grista who tells them that there are rumours that the Redbrands have been seen near the Tresendar Manor. And then both of the unconscious men are taken to the town hall.

The Townmasters Hall has sturdy stone walls, a pitched wooden roof, and a bell tower at the back. Posted on a board next to the front door is a notice written in Common. It reads:

“Reward - Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within”.

The notice bears the town’s seal and an indecipherable signature.

Upon arriving to the Townhall the party meets Harbin Wester - the Townmaster of Phandalin and a fat pompous old fool. He claims that the Redbrands are “just a mercenary guild and not all that much trouble really”. The party can tell he is scared about the repercussions of their actions.

Sildar stays with the Townmaster and the prisoners as the party decides to go and investigate the manor. They head up the hill to the manor building and find a ruined old mansion. They notice tracks on the floor and follow them around to the side of the building where they find a side door to the kitchen. It is here they see light coming from a staircase heading downwards to a door.

Durden casts a spell that opens the door and they see another staircase heading downwards into a cellar. They all head down the stairs and pass through onto a five-foot wide landing fifteen feet above a large cellar, with stone steps descending to the floor in two short flights. Another door stands beneath the stairs to the north. A large stone cistern occupies the western part of the room, whose walls are lined with kegs and barrels.

The adventurers move to the door at the far side of the room and begin towards the door on the other side. Pushing through it they find what appears to be a storeroom pressed into service as living quarters. Two double bunks stand against the wall near the door, while barrels and crates fill the southern half of the chamber.

Three Redbrand ruffians were resting in the room. Jeffrey puts the first one to sleep, the second is sliced in the groin and then decapitated by Graebar whilst the third is dispatched with a hammer in his chest by Durden.

The party heads to the other door and finds a passage way. Heading down it the floor gives way under Graebar and he manages to catch the side of the pit without hitting the bottom. He climbs up and the party make their way around it to the double doors at the end of the hallway.

Durden uses an orison to push the left door open and the party enters the room. Three large stone sarcophagi stand within this dusty crypt, and propped up against each sarcophagus is a human skeleton clan in bits of rusty mail. False columns along the walls are carved in the image of spreading oak trees.

The party attacks the nearest skeleton and it jerks to life and begins defending itself. They quickly dispatch it. They start edging across the room and are set upon by the other two skeletons as they get to the other side of the room. Moradin helps them defeat the creatures.

While the party was making so much noise the men on the other side of the door are alerted to their presence and attack as soon as the party open the door surprising them.

Graebar is hit solidly and but retaliates with an axe to the face of one of the men. Jeffrey then pumps magic missiles into the room killing Graebar’s opponent and injuring the other. Durden then follows with his hammer dispatching the Redband thug.

The long room is partitioned into three areas, with iron bars walling off the north and the south. Filthy straw lines the floors of those cells, the hinged doors of which are secured by chains and padlocks. A pair of disheveled human women are held in the cell to the south, while