Part 29: Is Our Princess in Another Castle

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The city guards start to approach the alleyway as the city starts to try to find and move against the party.

Alena rushes off to the location of her sister casting "Pass without Trace" as she goes. She quickly out paces the rest of the party as they try to avoid guards as they move through the streets.

She finds the house and hides in some bushes casing the place. The party eventually catches up to her. They suggest that they sneak in a side window but Alena wants to go through the front doors. Arcandur uses his portents to convince Alena that she should not attack until morning. They all sneak up to a back window and Ezra puts a lady to sleep that is in the room. The party then jump through the window and tie up the lady.

The party decide that this would be a good place to lay low while the city is moving against them. Arcandur is out of magical energies and requests a chance to rest. The woman is tied up and gagged in a chair.

Through out the next four hours the party is constantly approached by people requesting to see the lady of the house who they have tied up. At one point Ezra becomes the lady using "Alter self" and tells them that there is no way they can search the house. The guards do not listen and start searching anyway. They demand to open the door of the room that the party is hiding in. Arcandur uses multiple command spells to tell the guards that they have already checked the room and they should go away.

Eventually the guards tell one another that they room is safe and they go away. The PC's are safe.

Ezra then uses "Change Self" again to request of a servant to bring the Elven slave to the room. The servant returns with Gwendolyn - Alena's sister. And the sisters are reunited.