Part 1: The Stag and Tackle

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The Stag and Tackle

The Stag and Tackle rages,
A party for the ages!
When an old man staggers in,
With spilled wine upon his chin.

"The black orcs are on their way,
Quickly everyone must pray!"
But this Admiral is drunk,
Long ago his good ship had sunk.

"I created the poster",
Says the pilot of his coaster.
"Calling one and all to service,
Heroes that are not nervous!"

"The cattle did disappear",
Now the Admiral is clear.
"My beautiful crops all dead.
Now the sun sets bloody red!"

And now they all felt deep dread.

"I am the valiant fighter,"
says a man dressed as a righter.
"I am a very sneaky ranger,"
says one whose smell makes you feinter.

"I am in for elven ale",
says a short lady dressed in mail.
"Did you say they disappeared?"
Said a small girl who seemed quite weird.

The bard leaped down off the stage
"The collaboration of an age!
I shall write history a glorious page"
"Were you in cabbages?" asks a mage.

Dawn broke and they set out
Leaving The Stag and Tackle on route.
Following the admiral's horse,
He wove about a merry course.

Arriving at his remote farm house,
The bard removed his white blouse.
The Admiral let out his sheep.
The sight enough to make them weep.

Now they move around to and fro,
Looking for any hidden foe.
They are the Masters of this land.
Nothing can get past our heroic band...