Part 19: Andre the Giant

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Leaving the shifting wall room behind the party quietly approaches a large chamber up ahead. The rogues are in the lead moving as quietly as they can.

This chamber looks like a gladiatorial arena, but in the stands are scores of corpses, each propped up to stare blankly at the centre of the arena. There an immense man — almost an ogre in size — stalks impatiently, flexing his bare fists.

“Have you the heart to face me in combat?” he taunts. “Or will you flee back to the surface, to live among the . . . unworthy?”

The stands are occupied by the remains of dead warriors—gladiators, you would guess from their colourful fighting harness and odd assortment of weapons. Some are nothing more than carefully bleached skeletons, others are desiccated corpses years old, and a few probably haven’t been dead for more than a week or two. Most show evidence of broken limbs and terrible, battering blows. They include men and women of almost every race. The smell of death is thick in this room.

Alena runs straight in. The fight is fierce. And she is knocked around a lot until finally she is knocked to the ground unconscious. Arcandur in a last ditch effort moves forward and points at the great man. He slowly starts to rise into the air unable to stop himself. The arrows fly and he is pincushoned whilst levitating in the air.

When Ruuk Nath dies, he croaks out, “You passed the final test. You are . . . worthy.” Then he expires