Part 18: Cults & Rogues Do It Better

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The party head into the sewers. It stinks but the smell of Jasmine lingers. In there they are attacked by rogues who they defeat. They keep moving through the tunnels and see markers on walls until they see a set of stone doors, made with far more care and skill than the crumbling masonry of the sewers. They have no handles or visible hinges, and they’re flush with the ceiling and the floor. The only notable feature is a row of five circular glyphs carved in basrelief at eye level. From left to right, they are: skull, lightning bolt, heart, droplet, flame.

The phrase “Prepare to be tested” is scrawled in Low Atlantean on the floor in a reddish-brown pigment.

The party attempts to open the gates and finds themselves damaged by necrotic damage. Then Arcandur uses divination to work out which buttons he should press and opens the door safely.

The immense chamber before them has a scattering of small islands surrounded by water—or something like water, at any rate. You can see thick, reddish clots, perhaps a fungus of some sort, drifting in the murky water that laps at your toes. Each drip of moisture from the ceiling makes the water ripple. On the far side of the chamber is a closed set of double doors.

When the Mahin starts to cross four gibbering mouthers rise out of the red water and begin to attack. Arcandur gets Mahin to jump back and then fireballs the entire room, killing everything in it and purging it of the red fungus that was dripping from the ceiling. They walk through the chamber without incident.

The passageway opens into a network of hallways. You see a glowing, ghostly presence flicker around a corner ahead of you.

The party fights its way through the corridors avoiding shifting walls and fighting undead specters as they go. They are in a rough way but they make it through.