Part 17: Ape Smash

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A construction site behind the perfumerie is where Metira’s trained winged apes live, squatting in the foundation pit during the day and perched atop the surrounding buildings by night. The whole area smells strongly of jasmine.

The fight is fierce. Ezra goes down to one of the apes. Mahin stabilised him.

Arcandur sets things on fire!!!

Mahin uses her bow a lot and finds the entrance to the tunnel in the pit.

Alena goes hand to hand with one of the apes and is victorious.

The party head down into the pit. The foundation for a future building has been excavated, and it’s a 20-foot drop to the earthen bottom. A crude tunnel in the pit leads to the storm sewers (and the adventure’s climax); the pit otherwise has only winged ape guano in it. Yet it doesn’t smell of guano—it smells of jasmine.