Part 11: Kal-Ne-Moz

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The next day the party finally makes their way out of the swamp. Not long after they find the remnants of an ancient road. Following it they come across the ruined city of Kal-Ne-Moz.


Wandering through the city they soon find that the main road leads to a cavern.


And within the cavern is the entrance to the Sacred Cavern of Moz. Weathered stone steps lead up to an entrance of natural stone, smoothed and worked to form a relatively clear passage. Worn bas-reliefs depict tall, toga-clad humanoids with sad, wise faces. It looks like they are depicted as being signifcantly taller and more nobly proportioned than humans. Most of the faces have been crudely chiseled out or smashed.

The party heads inside and sees not far past the entrance chamber the shapes of oversized people with bowls at their feet. Three large statues stand in an alcove in the side of the passage. They depict tall, regal-looking warriors with vigilant expressions; the facial features are not quite human. Each is carved with a round shield, a helm, a shortsword, and a foot-tall urn or jar standing by its feet.

They then head further through the northern entrance and come across a beast man witch doctor. A flight of wide stone steps climbs up to a large chamber. Six large statues similar in style and execution to the ones in the passage just inside the cave entrance stand here, grouped into two alcoves containing three statues each. Two additional incomplete statues stand in the middle of the room, surrounded by mounds of broken stone, and two gigantic skeletons lie slumped against the eastern wall. Across the chamber from you, a vile beastman wearing a headdress of bones and feathers squats by a small fire that gives off reeking smoke.The fighting is furious as the witch doctor animates the two skeletons to assist him. The party triumphs against him and leaves his body on the cold floor.

The party continues on through the northern passageway. The stone steps lead to a beautiful natural cavern with glittering chips of mica in the walls and weird glowstone curtains and stalagmites. No less than seven impressive statues, all showing ancient kings, stand watch in this room. Across a rushing stream of cold, clear water, the party sees the great stone throne told of in the jungle trader’s tale. A huge, ancient mummy nine feet tall slumps in the seat, dressed in the remains of lacquered armour now green with age. A ceremonial headdress crowns its great skull, but it’s the glitter of gold on its withered cheeks that catches your eye. Just as the jungle trader said, the trickling gold forms half a dozen glittering stalagmites at the dead king’s elbows, feet, and waist.

The party skirts around the mummy stealthily. They throw things at it but are not game to approach it yet. They sneak past the throne and up the stairs behind the throne to see what is beyond it. The stone steps lead up to a low-ceilinged cave that appears to be located high in the cavern complex. Three more statues stand along the south wall; these appear to be depicted in ceremonial robes and headgear. Several bedrolls are arranged on the floor of this room, with packs full of provisions nearby. To the north, a narrow gallery or ledge looks out over a much larger cavern below. A stream runs through the large cavern, but its most impressive feature is a huge stone seat in a clump of stalagmites. A small, rubble filled passage descends from this chamber to the northeast and appears to lead to the lower cavern.

Due to their stealth they managed to sneak up on the Mador Kheb, the priest of Set. When he sees them he is surprised and says:

“I see that Jodom’s secret did not die with him. I am Mador Kheb, priest of Set, and I claim this place in the name of the King of Night. Depart, and I shall spare your lives."

The party does not well to this threat and a fight ensues. During it Mador Kheb turns into a giant snake and to Mahin's surprise swallows her whole. The party fight tooth and nail and come out on top of the priest and his men. When he dies he changes back into his human form.

Some of the party has a short rest and look through the bodies of the fallen men. Arcandur realises that they still haven't found the scrolls of Moz. Arcandur moves into the room adjacent to the west. Five more statues line two alcoves in this chamber. These depict wise kings and queens of the mysterious ancient people who lived here. A swift subterranean stream flows into this room through a low arch in the northeast and exits the room through another low arch to the west. An old stone bridge crosses the stream near the middle of the cavern. As he is walking across the small bridge from the statues shadows lengthen from them and launch into an attack on him. The Alena rally's to his side but Mahin stays back and shoots from a distance. Arcandur blocks the attacks using his shield spell and together they finally manages to subdue it with their attacks.

The party heads outside to camp for the night. Not having found the Scrolls of Moz in the Sacred Cavern of Moz.