Part 10: Sabretooth

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The party leaves the temple on the hill after spotting the road they were initially on continuing in the distance. They head down the hill and begin to follow it north. After a few hours the road starts to disintegrate as it leads into more swampy lands. Eventually the old stone road gives out and vanishes altogether in a low, swampy area, and the forest canopy is thick enough that it soon becomes difficult for the party to keep their bearings.

Alena believes she knows the way though and starts to use her Ranger skills to forge a way through the swampy land. For the first hour all goes well but then the water gets deeper and harder to move. The party starts to stumble across ruins of old buildings now and again. Soon Alena finds herself getting very tired being the shortest of the group of three and it starts to affect her sense of direction. After a few hours the party starts to feel like they are wandering around in circles. Alena is becoming exhausted and the party approaches a rock ten feet high in the forrest to rest. As they approach it a shadowy figure of a cat begins to appear, climbing up it from the other side. The giant teeth protruding from its head mark it as a sabertooth tiger as it pounces upon the party.

The cat quickly cuts a swath into the characters. Arkandur is thrown backwards and Maheen takes a bite from the creature. Alena wades into battle with the animal with the ferocity that only a hunter could display. The fight is fast with Maheen and Alena spilling much of the creatures blood. Unfortunately it comes at a cost as much of theirs hits the ground as well. The creature eventually is overcome by the party and it slumps to the floor unmoving.

Alena takes the opportunity to secure the rare hide of the creature. Removing her hunting knife and skinning it. The party take it as an opportunity to get some rest before continuing on their way.