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Now divine, but as a man, Mekzig united the tribes of the uplands and conquered the last remaining city states of Ancient Republic over six hundred years ago. Born a noblemen in the small town of Trisenfeld, two days ride from present day Meredi, Mekzig led a revolt against the Republic and captured the city of Meredi. The battle was decisive and the victory was all the other tribes needed to come in behind Mekzig's leadership. Soon, the other cities of the Republic were to fall to Mekzig's upland army. Within Mekzig's lifetime he united the upland populations into one kingdom and founded the first dynasty of Ephereus. Mekzig though had a diffcult relationship with his two sons and daughter. He drove them to rule the other cities of the Dyafice. His son, Temotig was sent to Lugusnon, his daughter, Auterell to Claviscero and youngest son Makiron to Valentia. But the disapora of Mekzig's children across the new kingdom was to end in tragedy. In Lugusnon, the heir to throne, Makiron, became entralled by the teachings of Toch'thon of Telopmin and married Toch'thon's daughter. Enraged by the alliance with the northerners, Mekzig asked his daughter Auterell to investigate what was going on in Lugusnon but when Auterell returned to Meredi with news that the her brother was unmoved by his father's demands Mekzig rode straight for Lugusnon. Upon his arrival he was greeted with open arms by Temotig. Temotig tried to convince his father of the power behind Toch'thon's teachings but Mekzig hated all forms of divination and magic. Temotig then tried to turn his new skills against Mekzig and charm him into compliance but it failed. Mekzig, disgusted by his son's betrayal decided to leave lugusnon on the following day but he never awoke. In the morning, Mekzig was found dead, having choked to death. However, Mekzig, the tactician that he was planned for such an event and Auterell, upon not seeing Mekzig ride out of the gates at dawn was to attack and slay the Temotig line. Using her highly trained hand to hand fighters, Auterell slipped into the city and captured her brother's family and Toch'thon. With the family imprisoned, Mekzig's speical guard then entered the city and disarmed all forces loyal to Temotig. At noon the following day, the family were taken to the city centre and impaled on timber poles and left to be devoured by vultures. It would be Temotig's patricide, under Auterell's steely hand that would led to the rites and edicts which continue to this day.

Mekzig's beliefs and teachings have had a long lasting legacy on the way people live today. His hatred of all forms of magic has come to structure the relgious institutions which rule the two kingdoms, his system of government, known as the Chair and Robe system, continues to this day where trusted consuls are appointed locally and are advised by a member of the clergy.