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Kelauklyth the Serpentmancer


This young, tuft-bearded man has a sinuous build with unusually long arms, legs, and neck. His scalp is shaven, and he dresses in green sorcerer’s robes.

Kelauklyth is the master of the Tower of Black Flame. He is a ruthless young sorcerer who is obsessed with serpents; he uses snakes in his magic, eats snakes, doses himself with snake venoms to gain immunity, and has even mastered a unique serpent fingers spell. Completely amoral, he thinks nothing of making promises and breaking them, and can be counted on to do whatever he thinks is best for him at any given moment.

Kelauklyth has an unusual pet or companion he calls “The Kelauble.” He found the creature during his explorations of the Tower, and believes that it was perhaps conjured by one of the previous owners.