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The furious warriors of the barbarian tribes are perhaps more iconic as the fighting men and women of the primeval continent, but the warriors of Thule’s city-states are every bit as fierce and hardy as their barbarian counterparts. This is a warlike land, and every city has its own martial traditions, from the deadly gladiators of Katagia to the disciplined pha- lanxes of Lomar. Noble charioteers, temple guards, implacable myrmidons, hardened mercenaries, street gang enforcers, adventurers and outlaws of a hundred different descriptions—these are the fighters of Thule.

More than most other characters, fighters are defined by the type of armor they wear and the type of weapons they prefer. Swords, axes, maces, and other instruments of mayhem are just as prevalent in Thule as they are in other settings, but some types of weapon and armor found in high medieval or Renaissance-era settings have yet to be invented in this savage age. For example, the full plate armor and heavy warhorse of the mounted knight, or the rapier and parrying dagger of a city bravo, are not normally found in Thule. Instead, a heavily armored fighter is much more likely to wear a bronze cuirass or a scale coat, and a noble duelist is more likely to fight with a pair of short swords. Refer to Appendix 1 for limita- tions on Thulean arms and armor, and new types of weapon or armor found in the setting.