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The island-continent of Thule is mostly wilderness, and cities are few and far between. While there are a great number of small set- tlements, barbarian villages, and trading posts scattered through- out the land, true cities—or anything that can even claim to be a city—are not common at all. Most scholars would name perhaps thirteen to fifteen cities in Thule and the surrounding lands, depending on whether one would call a place like Ur-Ghom a “city” or not.

The cities of Thule include:

  • Akal-Amo, City of Temples. A distant and mysterious city on the great island of Hellumar.
  • Droum, City of Tusks. The people of Droum are abandoning their city in the face of the approaching glaciers, leaving behind a plague of restless dead.
  • Ikath, City of Serpents. Built upon the ruins of a great serpentman city, Ikath is the gateway to the Dhari jungles and their rich trade in ivory, gems, and hides.
  • Imystrahl, City of the Black Lotus. An elven city, Imystrahl is falling into ruin under the influences of the opiate known as the Black Milk and a pernicious cult of Nyarlathotep worshipers.
  • Jomur, Place of Chiefs. The meeting-place of many tribes in northern Thule, Jomur is virtually abandoned for three-quarters of the year.
  • Kal-Zinan, City of the Iron Gate. The city of the dwarves, where stern ironmasters jealously guard the secret of iron working.
  • Katagia, Last Bastion of Atlantis. A strong city of the southern coast where the last vestiges of Atlantean culture and learning are preserved.
  • Lomar, City of Triumphs. A warlike city in the Kalayan Hills, Lomar’s legions represent the strongest army to be found in Thule.
  • Marg the Crimson, City of Slavers. Home to the Crimson Sla- vers, Marg is a cruel and oppressive place whose slave markets are filled with wretched captives.
  • Nim, City of Reavers. A lawless and brutal harbor on the north- ern coast, Nim is the refuge of the Reaver Kings of the boreal seas.
  • Orech, City of Mazes. Cloaked in mystery and madness, Orech is a city under the influence of reclusive priests of Hastur the Unspeakable.
  • Quodeth, City of Merchants. Largest and richest of Thule’s cities, Quodeth is overrun by thieves’ guilds; in fact, some name it the City of Thieves instead of the City of Merchants.
  • Rime, City of Ice. A hidden haven under the very snout of Kang, the Pale Death, Rime is a secret pirate haven where the Golden Corsairs of the Kalayan Sea hold power.
  • Thran, City of the Black Circle. Remote and forbidding, Thran’s black walls conceal the strongest and most wicked cabal of magicians in all of Thule.
  • Ur-Ghom, City of the Beastmen. Hardly a city at all, Ur-Ghom is the seat of the brutal beastman khur-za-khur, or Chief of Chiefs. Folk of other races enter at their own peril.

There are rumors of hidden cities concealed in Thule’s vast jungles or in the trackless mountains, but these places remain undiscovered for now and have no dealings with the known cities of the continent.