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Kardan the Human Barbarian, Heeza the Gnome Sorceror, and Gya the Elven Paladin are awaiting their graduation from the Academy. With just two days until they receive their commissions, the ennui sets in.

While sitting in their usual tavern space, Gya receives a message from her mentor and friend, Nyth'Thalion.

Nyth is an aged elf, with his skin now showing the wrinkles and grey-ness of his years. The party is introduced to Hlinn the Dwarf Cleric and Nyth reveals that the party is to be posted South to the border, where many think that they will either be killed or dwell in obscurity.

The party is then asked to secure the border, and to cultivate allies that will further protect the area, for Nyth fears that trouble may come from within. The party is told to visit Nyth when the ceremony is complete.