Part 8: Dead Men Walking Adventure Notes

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The sun has just set over the town of Vallenheim and it is dusk.
Sir Nigel opens up the barred heavy wooden doors of the church and there is a blue hugh across the city.
No torches have been lit because of the raid.
Dead gnoll bodies are scattered over the courtyard.
Nigel sees two figures at the door. He draws his sword ready to act.
“The protagonist arrives!” one of them says. It is the bard, Lioniel.
Nigel greets them and explains that they have discovered a less than savoury character with dubious means of income but very skillful. We have convinced her using bribary to help us. Her name is Lady Averson. Also there are people hiding in the church cellar..
“Now. There are people to save!” Nigel states flatly to Mara.
“Are they worthy of saving?” enquires Mara.
“Everyone is worthy of saving!” exclaims Nigel
“The gnolls?” asks Mara.
“Well no not them, obviously. More humans, dwarfs, elves, halflings, etc.” mumbles Nigel.
“Well let us prepare for battle” she replies forcefully, completely stealing his thunder.
When comes out and goes to hug Mara who stops her with a hand while holding her nose: “Can you take several steps up from the wind?”
A body suddenly skitters across the floor on the road before them. A still standing guard is fighting some gnolls as their partner now stands motionless on the floor.

Mara rushes in to take the place of the fallen guard and stabs one of the creatures.
When casts Hail of thorns on one of the creatures. She then shoots an arrow and misses.
Lioniel strides out feeling pretty good about his company’s performance so far. He strums on his lute, kicks his legs in the air then turns around and farts casting Tasha’s hideous laughter on one of the gnoll and it falls to the ground in unstoppable laughter.
Lady Averson pulls out her bow and shoots the gnoll that is laughing in the knee.
Tzara comes up behind Mara and casts shield of faith on her.
Nigel recognises the spell and raises an eyebrow at Tzara in interest.
A gnoll swings at Mara and it bounces off the shield of faith.
Nigel runs in a rage at the other gnoll and swings but it dodges aside.
Mara swings at the gnoll in front of her and the sword slides between its ribs. It cries out and clutches the wound.
When shoots at the gnoll that Nigel hit and hits it.
Nigel, the gnoll and Mara are all showered with thorns from the Hail of Thorns spell which kills the gnoll but also damages the other two.
Lady Averson shoots the prone gnoll wounding it further.
The diminutive Tzara clobbers a gnoll with her mace snapping his neck.
Nigel walks over to the laughing gnoll and sticks him with his sword.

The town guard is bruised and battered but she’s ok.
“Thank you for your intervention” she says to Nigel.
“We are here to do whatever we can. We have found a sanctuary in the church. There are survivors there baracaded into the cellar.” says Nigel
“The mayor has called for all the re-enforcements to rally at the town center.” she states. “I’m heading there now."
“I will follow and pledge my sword to this town.” replies the paladin.
“Which way?” Asks When.
“Follow me and I’ll show you” she replies.

The party moves up the road through to the town square and sees the mayor, a bald, boulbus, caucasion human with red cheeks and opulent clothing, completely surrounded by skeletons. Nigel instantly bursts into a rage. “NECROMANCY!!"

When does not hesitate. She runs in and shoots at a skeleton hitting.
Mara runs in to start blocking the fray and misses with her sword.
The skeletons start to swam Mara.
Lady Averson dashes around the corner and tries to spy the mayor. She takes in that he looks quite wealthy. Perhaps a nice mark? She then shoots at the skeletons but misses.
Lioniel then runs up and draws his flute from his boot. He sounds a very high note that seems to somehow travel through the air into the center of the creatures. It then increases in intensity until it erupts like an explosion. He has cast shatter and destroys seven of the creatures and very seriously injures Mara who begins to bleed from the ears.
Tzara runs in and heals Mara who turns around and gives Lioniel the finger. Lioniel shrugs apologetically.
Sir Nigel raises his shield “Kelemvor, the undead have risen! Smite these!”
Turn undead! Four of the creatures have been turned leaving three left.
When shoots an arrow at the guy at the back and misses.
Mara strikes the skeleton in front of her and kills it. Popping its head completely off.
Lady Averson, or Smashed Avo, shoots the skeleton on Mara’s right through its eye socket and it tumbles down for 13 points of damage killing it.
One crawling on the ground tries to run away and is stabbed in the back by Nigel.

As one skeleton moves towards the mayor the man removes his necklace and pushes it onto the creature. As he does its body instantly dries up and a sandstorm appears on the ground and bursts everywhere. Within the standstorm a mummy appears. All the moisture in the air has been sucked away and the air feels parched like a desert...

When casts Slayer’s Pray on the Mayor and shoots him with an arrow.
Mara runs up to the mummy and strikes it with her sword.
The mummy returns a strike at Mara and Lioniel attempts to inspire it to fail but it manages to ignore him. It lunges forward and digs its bony hand on Mara’s shoulder piecing through her chainmail with a stinging burning sensation. Her shoulder starts to fester instantly. He shield arm droops as she can no longer hold it up. Mara is close to death.
Averson shoots an arrow clean through the heart of the mayor and his last words are “You were supposed to save me”. He falls to the floor dead. The mummy remains.
“Mara! Time to get out of there!” Shouts Lioniel inspiring her.
Tzara summons a spiritual hammer and strikes at the creature damaging it.
Nigel summons all his hate. He is inspired. He runs straight into battle and slashes the creature with a scream using a word of power and a devistating blow. (18 damage)
When shoots the mummy critically hitting it with an arrow.
Mara swings at the mummy but is so injured she misses.
The mummy attempts to hit Mara and that gives Nigel a free attack. (20 radiant damage.)
The mummy gazes at Nigel and … he is unaffected.
Lady Averson shoots at the creature again hitting it.
“This mummy is so fat that when he sits around the house he sits around the house!” says Lioniel taunting the creature but it has no affect. Obviously not a very funny joke as none of the party laugh either. He stops to think.
Tzara uses her Spiritual hammer and her hammer to swing at the creature but misses.
When’s arrow misses the creature.
Mara swings at the creature hitting it.
The creature stares at Mara who becomes terrified.
Aversion shoots at the creature again hitting it.
“This mummy is so ugly his portraits hang themselves” heckles Lioniel. 1 point of damage. Getting somewhere!
Tzara disengages to heal Mara and gets hit but Nigel also get to strike at it. Tzara takes damage and is inflicted by the Mummy’s curse! She does heroically manage to heal Mara whose wounds begin to close and suddenly starts holding her shield up firmly again.
Nigel hits him again with another devistating hit.
When’s shoots another arrow and hits the mummy for six damage hitting in its face socket and it disintegrates into dust and sand. All that remains is a pile of sand with a blue scarab sitting atop it.
“This mummy is so ugly he made a blind kid cry” says Lioniel just for the fun of it.

Tzara lies down on the ground seriously injured.
Nigel looks down at her. "There is a priest in the cellar of the church. Maybe he can help her?"
Mara scoops her up. “The church. Nigel. Lead the way.”

Lady Averson scoops up the scarab broach very subtley and turns to the guard: “Does this sort of thing happen here often?”
Lioniel searches the Mayor and finds a potion.
When searches the guards and finds a magic key.

The party rests in the church for the night.
Tzara cures. her curse and heals herself.

Lioniel, Nigel and When leave the church to go help clean up the town. Nigel also makes enquires into the whereabouts of Alvin Maxwell, who the party has come to find.